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Your Summer Workplace Change Guide

We can’t quite believe it, but summer is just around the corner. It’s the season when studies show worker productivity takes a nosedive—when more people are out of the office on vacation, and those left behind wish they were taking time off. It’s a perfect time to start planning for a summer workplace change–such as […]
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5 Office Hacks Inspired by Home Offices

If you’ve ever used a Post-it note to sweep away crumbs from your laptop keyboard then you’re well aware of life hacks. For those uninitiated, life hacks are simple tips or tricks that make your everyday life easier and better. With that in mind, we’ve found five office hacks, for your desk and workplace, inspired […]
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What does your office layout say about your business?

Take a moment and look around your office. Is it open and lively? Closed and quiet? Do you notice natural light? What about a break room that beckons? You may not realize this on a day-to-day, but your office layout can speak volumes about your corporate culture—to clients, prospective talent, and anyone else who walks […]
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2017 Workplace Trends: HR Emerges

People are at the epicenter of this year’s workplace trends. According to a study of HR professionals, 83% of HR professionals felt the “employee experience” is either important or very important to an organization’s success. An office birthday party where trail mix and fresh fruit are served. A yoga room that gives staff a mindful […]
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Warehouse Storage Guide

Need extra space around the office for the new year? Here are some warehouse storage tips and options to consider. Here’s a New Year’s resolution you can actually keep: Get your office space in order. Unlike training for an ultra marathon, re-configuring the office is something you can actually get done and feel good about. […]
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Are You Choosing The Right Facility Vendor?

Here are some key pointers to think about. The reality for most businesses is that for day-to-day needs, everything from catering to computers, there are often many contracted vendors coming in and out of the office. That can open your workplace up to risk. (Think of all those open computer screens, all that sensitive paperwork […]
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Top Five Moving Mistakes for Businesses to Avoid

Are they worth the risks? Shrink your post-move punchlists by avoiding these mistakes. In order to facilitate the most efficient move possible, it’s important to cover all the moving parts thoroughly. Lack of communication with your employees and vendors are just one of the costly mistakes you can avoid. 1. Choosing the lowest bidder without […]
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The Truth About Open Workspaces

While open office plans and shared workspace environments have been championed as ways to boost collaboration, productivity, and creativity; new studies reveal that open-plan offices have detrimental effects on workers. Studies have shown that employees in open-plan offices show an increase in stress-levels, and a decrease in focus and productivity. The Gensler Study conducted by the […]
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Turn an Ordinary Workstation into a Cool Workstation

You spend a lot of our time at work. Your workstations should be inviting and stimulating, but also a blank canvas that you can decorate to reflect your individual personality. A well-designed workstation can affect our mood and foster creativity. Turn your workstation from ordinary to cool with these creative ideas—that are also easy on […]
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What Does Your Conference Room Say About Your Business?

Impress Your Guests with Better Conference Room Furniture and DesignYou never get a second chance to make a first impression. When you meet with clients on your turf, the design, conference room furniture type and even the name of your conference rooms can make a positive impression for you. Your conference room is the centerpiece of […]
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