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Tired of “COVID-19 Info dumping?” Join San Francisco IFMA’s virtual “Happy Hour”

Let’s get together for a discussion on COVID office preparedness. If you’re like most people, you’re getting so much information dumped on how to bring your office back online after the shutdown. BUT, how do you dig through the noise and find the real tips that matter? Join us on May 27 with your favorite […]
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COVID Office Preparedness: How to Get Your Office Back Online After the Shutdown

There is no doubt COVID-19 has turned the lives of American workers upside down. And thoughts of returning to the office seem like a distant vision. When the time comes, you want to be sure your employees feel confident their health and safety is being considered Corovan has prepared three crucial steps for COVID office […]
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COVID-19 What we are doing

As of 3/20/20, Corovan remains open and we want you to know that Corovan is here for you and can help with “in-person” critical infrastructure support and essential activities. Essential COVID-19 Infrastructure includes communications, commercial facilities, energy information technology, and more. The health and safety of our customers and employees continue to be a priority, […]
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Green Conscious Commercial Movers

In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to take the opportunity to talk about something near and dear to our hearts: minimizing the ecological impact of commercial moves. Commercial moves, like any major undertaking, have the potential to unload a huge quantity of pollution and environmental contamination in a very short amount of time. The […]
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Office Moving and Relocation

It’s your office moving day, and the last thing on your mind is what your landlord intends to do with your unit after you leave. They may choose to decommission the building or lease it to a new tenant. Your landlord’s needs affect your move. Is your office moving and relocation company prepared or equipped […]
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4 Pitfalls of Moving During the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but your stress level couldn’t be higher. Moving is always a challenge, and the added pressure of the holiday season is enough to make anyone wish for another cup of eggnog. From planning considerations to building requirements and moving company shortages, it is important to know exactly […]
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7 Step Corporate Mover Guide

Relocating can be one of the most challenging experiences within the life of your business. From losing valuable time in the process of packing your entire company into boxes and vans to transitioning quickly back into the day-to-day in your new space. That’s why it’s so important to partner with qualified and professional corporate mover […]
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2017 Workplace Tips Roundup

Supercharge 2018 with Our Top 10 Workplace Tips This list of our top 10 workplace tips is a collection of the most inspiring, surprising and powerful ideas we found in 2017. From green plants and bean bag chairs to headphones and standing desks, we covered a lot of ground this year, and this is the […]
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Your Summer Workplace Change Guide

Get 5 expert tips to keep employees engaged over the warmer months. We can’t quite believe it, but summer is here. Studies show it’s the season when worker productivity takes a nosedive. When more people are out of the office on vacation, and those left behind wish they were taking time off. It’s a perfect […]
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Are You Choosing The Right Facility Vendor?

Here are some key pointers to think about. The reality for most businesses is that for day-to-day needs, everything from catering to computers, there are often many contracted vendors coming in and out of the office. That can open your workplace up to risk. (Think of all those open computer screens, all that sensitive paperwork […]
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