Relocating an entire business is no small feat. It’s a potentially massive, sprawling project with big ramifications for all aspects of business operations. As such, it’s a project far too big for any one person to handle. You’ll need all hands-on deck to ensure a smooth and successful move.

To that end, one of the first steps in any successful office move is assembling the right team. While different companies will structure their office move project teams a bit differently, there are a few common roles that you should keep top of mind.

Assembling Your Office Relocation Project Team

Here are some of the primary stakeholders whose involvement may prove essential for your office move.

Project Leader

First and foremost, you’ll want to appoint an in-house team member whose role is to coordinate the relocation, working in close conjunction with your commercial mover and other vendors. The project leader needs to be someone who’s gifted in organization and communication. The ability to delegate is also essential.

Commercial Move Manager

Hopefully, your commercial relocation company will designate a single point of contact for you, a move manage who will keep you in the loop with regard to timeline, budget, and more. Having a hands-on manager is essential for ensuring that moving day goes smoothly.

Commercial Property Agent

In most cases, your commercial relocation will involve input from a real estate agent, whose expertise will help you find the ideal office space and negotiate the most favorable terms for lease or purchase. Your agent will also help to coordinate timelines with the property owner or seller.

Interior Designer

As you set up your new office space, it’s important to have an expert on hand to help you use the space as efficiently as possible. Additionally, your interior designer can promote an ergonomic work area for employees, and also advise on things like traffic flows and flexibility. Some commercial moving partners, like Corovan, may provide guidance here as part of their relocation services.

IT Specialist

One of the biggest challenges of an office relocation is having your technology disconnected at the old space, then reconnected at the old space. The big concerns here are efficiency as well as data security. You’ll want to have an in-house IT expert involved. It’s also important to find a commercial moving partner with experience handling telecoms and other advanced equipment.

Human Resources Manager

An office relocation can be exciting, but for many employees, it also feels disruptive and stressful. To ensure that employees feel well-supported throughout the move, it’s imperative to have the involvement of human resources. A representative from HR can coordinate communication with your employees, and also ensure the new space is set up to maximize morale, productivity, and workplace wellness.

Marketing Manager

A big move can sometimes present an opportunity to convey excitement about your company’s growth, or simply to reassure customers and clients that your normal business offerings won’t be interrupted. The involvement of your marketing department can be essential for getting the messaging just right.

Financial Officer

Needless to say, relocating your business will have an effect on your business budget. As such, it’s important to have someone from your finance team involved with the project from day one.

Collaborating Throughout Your Move

Getting the right team together is a critical step for a successful commercial move, but it’s equally important to ensure clear lines of communication between team members. That includes a direct line of contact between your team’s leader or liaison, and your point person with your moving company.

In addition to having clearly defined roles within your in-house team, collaboration can be enhanced through the use of technology. Seek a commercial moving company that can provide a single source of truth for your entire team, including a dashboard or hub where everyone can see the same information about moving dates, deadlines, sub-tasks that need to be completed, and so on.

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