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17 Inspirational Workplace Quotes

These workplace quotes will spark discussion, lift the mood, and remind employees of what they should focus on. Whether you’re moving your business to a new location or thinking about a workplace reconfiguration, the question inevitably comes up: “How do we decorate the walls?” Well, science shows that inspirational quotes can genuinely help motivate workers. […]
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Implications of Working with Unlicensed Moving Contractors

The Risks of Working with an Unlicensed Contractor Working with unlicensed contractors invites significant legal risk, including: Legal and financial exposure for health and safety violations Legal and financial exposure for third party injuries AND Going to court uninsured A certification from California Licensing Board reflects the passing a rigorous licensing process, but also shows […]
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The Way to Your Employees’ Hearts Is Through Your Office Design

Your office design is a love note to your employees and a genuine reflection of your company culture and employee satisfaction. While you shop for chocolate covered strawberries, colorful flower bouquets, and other goodies for that special someone in your life, take a moment to think about what might make your employees feel enamored and […]
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Office Furniture Design Trends 2019

Stay up to date with 2019 furniture trends that are attractive, functional — and compliant. As you plan moves and office space this year, it is essential to keep track of both manufacturing trends and industry laws. Unfortunately, class-action lawsuits are on the rise due to a California employment law, informally called the “suitable seating […]
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Workplace Design Trends Forecast 2019

Do your employees look forward to coming to work? If not, consider these six workplace design trends for creating a truly enjoyable workspace. Think about your workspace for a moment. How’s the light? What sort of art is around you? How about plants? Does your work align with the people sitting next to you? Is […]
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2018 Workplace Tips Roundup

A new year is upon us. What better time to look for ways to improve your workplace? Make room for 2019 with these proven workplace tips. This list of 10 workplace tips we discovered in 2018 will inspire you to create the best office environment possible in 2019—whether that’s encouraging employees breaks to cut down […]
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4 Pitfalls of Moving During the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but your stress level couldn’t be higher. Moving is always a challenge, and the added pressure of the holiday season is enough to make anyone wish for another cup of eggnog. From planning considerations to building requirements and moving company shortages, it is important to know exactly […]
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7 Step Corporate Mover Guide

Relocating can be one of the most challenging experiences within the life of your business. From losing valuable time in the process of packing your entire company into boxes and vans to transitioning quickly back into the day-to-day in your new space. That’s why it’s so important to partner with qualified and professional corporate mover […]
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Ergonomics: It’s Not Just About Chairs

Managers now know employees are more productive when they’re happier and healthier. Thanks to basic ergonomic principles, your company can easily take steps to increase productivity and satisfaction. Contrary to popular belief, ergonomics isn’t just a fancy buzzword for expensive chairs and wrist rests—it’s an applied science dealing with the design and arrangement of workplaces […]
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How to Encourage Your Employees to Take Breaks

It’s proven that enforcing regular employee breaks such as walks, coffee runs, lunch, and vacations will bring huge productivity rewards to your business. When it comes to maximizing your team’s productivity and creativity, very few methods are as effective as implementing a healthy schedule of breaks throughout the day for your employees.
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