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5 Ways to Reduce Workplace Loneliness

When workers are feeling lonely, their productivity and engagement can sink to record lows. Here are five things that office and facilities managers can do to create better workspaces for isolated workers.
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Three Points to Consider When Planning the Modern Office

As employees get older (and younger), cultural norms shift, and technology advances, workspaces need to evolve. Here’s what you need to know to maintain a modern office through 2020 and beyond. In today’s modern office, where so much business is done digitally, it’s easy to overlook how physical things like office chairs, desks, and meeting […]
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Are Standing Desks Still Trending?

In recent years, sitting down at the office has taken a backseat to standing up. Here’s what your office can do to adjust to this enduring trend. It’s been nearly a decade since standing desks took the modern office space by storm. Since 2010, many offices have transitioned away from sitting to a sit-stand combination […]
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Workplace Design With Older Workers in Mind

According to Deloitte, knowledge workers remaining in the workforce past retirement age are the fastest growing work segment. This provides an exciting opportunity for facility managers to reconfigure the office layout while taking multi-generational collaboration and mentorship into account. As people enjoy vibrant and longer life expectancies, many are opting to remain in the workforce […]
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Say Hello to the Modern Reception Area

Your office reception area is not only the first impression for your business, but it is also the first experience that most people have with your business. Your guest walks in and they’re instantly greeted by the friendly face of your receptionist. They marvel at the beautiful and fresh interpretation of your company’s brand as […]
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How to Move On From Your Open Plan Office

Your employees don’t love it. Here’s how to transition to a better, more productive office without breaking the bank.
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Green Conscious Commercial Movers

In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to take the opportunity to talk about something near and dear to our hearts: minimizing the ecological impact of commercial moves. Commercial moves, like any major undertaking, have the potential to unload a huge quantity of pollution and environmental contamination in a very short amount of time. The […]
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Office Moving and Relocation

It’s your office moving day, and the last thing on your mind is what your landlord intends to do with your unit after you leave. They may choose to decommission the building or lease it to a new tenant. Your landlord’s needs affect your move. Is your office moving and relocation company prepared or equipped […]
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17 Inspirational Workplace Quotes

These workplace quotes will spark discussion, lift the mood, and remind employees of what they should focus on. Whether you’re moving your business to a new location or thinking about a workplace reconfiguration, the question inevitably comes up: “How do we decorate the walls?” Well, science shows that inspirational quotes can genuinely help motivate workers. […]
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Implications of Working with Unlicensed Moving Contractors

The Risks of Working with an Unlicensed Contractor Working with unlicensed contractors invites significant legal risk, including: Legal and financial exposure for health and safety violations Legal and financial exposure for third party injuries AND Going to court uninsured A certification from California Licensing Board reflects the passing a rigorous licensing process, but also shows […]
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