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Facilities Teams Have a Big Opportunity: Improving Workplace Experience

As businesses across the country look for ways to engage and retain top employees, the topic of workplace experience is increasingly foregrounded. C-suite executives look to workplace experience as an invaluable way to build robust teams; indeed, while employee compensation remains an important factor, employee surveys continue to suggest employee engagement as a major factor […]
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4 Ways to Make Your MAC Program More Efficient

For facilities teams, managing the ongoing daily requests for Moves, Adds, and Changes can be challenging. On the one hand, facilities teams are tasked with controlling costs; on the other hand, their job is to help address the needs of their co-workers. Careful balance is required, and during times of economic uncertainty, the pressure to […]
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How to Navigate the National Moving Scene

Planning a long-distance commercial relocation can be challenging for a number of reasons, not least the confusing nature of the national moving scene. The industry is dominated by local residential movers and by Van Line organizations. These are networks that are created primarily for the purpose of moving people’s homes. It’s a common and potentially […]
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The Keys to a Sustainable Office Relocation

Over the past decade, more and more businesses have dedicated themselves to a higher standard of corporate responsibility, specifically pledging to operate with sustainability and ecological-friendliness in mind. To live up to these commitments, it’s critical for business leaders to keep sustainability top-of-mind during all aspects of business operation, including during office relocation projects. This […]
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How to Evaluate Commercial Moving Estimates

Relocations, whether residential or commercial, are unpredictable by their very nature; it’s impossible to know exactly what a moving day is going to look like, nor to plan for every contingency. With that said, it’s totally reasonable to expect your moving company to provide you with an estimate, giving you some ballpark expectations about what […]
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Planning a Lab Move? Size Up the New Space.

Moving is always challenging, whether you’re packing up your office or relocating an entire company. Moving a laboratory can be especially challenging, requiring extra attention to the details. That’s because labs must conform to specific parameters to ensure the safety, accuracy, and performance of the equipment. And those parameters can look radically different from one […]
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We moved to employee ownership

We’re very excited for this next chapter and are looking forward to the positive changes this historic shift will bring to our people, partners, and customers. While many companies are wrestling with retention and engagement, we decided to take our employee-focused culture to the next level and become employee-owned. Corovan prides itself on our long […]
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Tired of “COVID-19 Info dumping?” Join San Francisco IFMA’s virtual “Happy Hour”

Let’s get together for a discussion on COVID office preparedness. If you’re like most people, you’re getting so much information dumped on how to bring your office back online after the shutdown. BUT, how do you dig through the noise and find the real tips that matter? Join us on May 27 with your favorite […]
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COVID Office Preparedness: How to Get Your Office Back Online After the Shutdown

There is no doubt COVID-19 has turned the lives of American workers upside down. And thoughts of returning to the office seem like a distant vision. When the time comes, you want to be sure your employees feel confident their health and safety is being considered Corovan has prepared three crucial steps for COVID office […]
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COVID-19 What we are doing

As of 3/20/20, Corovan remains open and we want you to know that Corovan is here for you and can help with “in-person” critical infrastructure support and essential activities. Essential COVID-19 Infrastructure includes communications, commercial facilities, energy information technology, and more. The health and safety of our customers and employees continue to be a priority, […]
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