During any office relocation, you’re bound to have multiple goals. Naturally, you want to ensure streamlined logistics, operational efficiency, cost savings, and minimal disruption to your day-to-day activities.

But you might also have some goals with regard to your environmental footprint. As more and more companies have adapted rigorous standards of ecological responsibility (often formalized in a set of ESG reporting tools, or in a broader commitment to a circular economy or triple bottom line accounting), the notion of a “green” business relocation has become quite appealing.

Best Practices for a Sustainable Office Relocation

As you consider options for a more sustainable corporate move, there are a few strategies to keep top-of-mind.

Planning is Everything

First and foremost, it’s important to choose a relocation partner who will commit to a rigorous, intensive planning process, ensuring that all the logistical kinks in your office relocation are ironed out before the big day comes.

Why does advanced planning matter? For one thing, a well-coordinated move often means fewer trucks are required, along with fewer trips back and forth between locations. But advanced planning can also provide you with a clearer insight into the kinds of furniture you’ll need to invest in for the new space, as well as the furniture pieces you can either re-use or refurbish.

Purge and Recycle

Before you load the trucks, it’s critical to go through all of your furniture, equipment, and supplies, taking inventory of what you need and purging anything you don’t. Simply put, taking less stuff with you to the new location can cut down on your transportation needs, and thus on the associated emissions.

Remember, purging doesn’t always mean throwing stuff away. Often, you’ll have equipment or supplies that can be donated and reused. Meanwhile, shredded documents and other papers and plastics should be recycled.

Use the Right Materials

A commercial relocation requires plenty of supplies, including boxes, crates, protective wrapping, and more. Note that many of these supplies are available in recycled or recyclable form, helping you to cut down on the environmental impact of your move. Your commercial moving company should be able to provide you with sustainably sourced materials as needed.

Corovan is a leader in eco-friendly moving materials. Look no further than to our Corocrates, a reusable, green alternative to traditional cardboard boxes. With Corocrates, our company saves more than 900,000 cardboard boxes each year, while also providing clients with a more versatile, stackable transportation solution.

Think Beyond the Move

Sustainability isn’t just about the move itself, but also about your activity after the move. Specifically, it involves the process of decommissioning your old office. Here again, it’s critical to work with a commercial mover who can guide through a meticulous planning process.

Careful planning can help you minimize the number of trips required back to your old office. And it can give you a clear sense of the e-waste recycling needs you’ll have as your transition nears completion.

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Focus on Sustainability with Your Next Commercial Relocation

As you think about setting goals for your office move, you’ll likely want to emphasize the environment. Indeed, your relocation is an ideal time to live up to your green commitments and your broad allegiance to environmental sustainability.

As you seek a commercial moving partner that can help you uphold those environmental commitments, we invite you to reach out to Corovan. We’re proud to be one of California’s most trusted names in sustainable office moves. Contact us whenever you’re ready to get the planning process started.