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Reception Area Updates to Impress Your Visitors

Make a first impression that lasts—with just a few tweaks. The old adage about first impressions is still true, especially in today’s fast-paced business world, where judgements are made in a snap. You can make positive first impressions on your visitors with a smartly put-together front-desk area. Though many offices now rely on tech-savvy digital […]
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Don’t retire the private office just yet

Thanks to the open-plan workspace, pioneered by global powerhouses like Google, Zappos and Facebook, many companies may be rethinking the practicality of the private office—thus shaking to the core traditional notions of professional prestige, authority and the American Dream of “making it” to the corner office or executive suite. The open workspace is being widely […]
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Is It Time to Shake Up Your Floor Plan?

Is It Time to Shake Up Your Floor Plan?Staff in a slump? Has your company shifted focus or embarked on a significant market push? It may be time to rotate employees around your floor plan. In a workplace, it’s easy for people to fall into patterns—whether that’s taking the same route to their desk every […]
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Redesigning Cubicles for Today’s Knowledge Worker

It’s Time for an Office Redesign. Many companies are moving toward a more flexible layout of their office space. A modular office layout gives you a more options for cubicle designs than ever before. Some estimates put the American “cube dweller” population at 40 million. Is redesigning cubicles to a more open office layout in […]
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Trend Alert! Standing Desks

Please Stand Up, You May Live Longer You are probably privy to all the buzz going around about the health risks of sitting all day, and the rise of the standing desk trend. If so, skip ahead to “How You can respond to this trend” section. For those of you who are not, here’s the […]
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Revive Productivity With Space Planning

Use these five tips to organize your office layout In today’s competitive business environment many business people feel a good office layout is a vital factor to overall productivity, employee satisfaction and making the right impression on visitors. As always, up front planning creates a smooth relocation process where things are done right the first time. […]
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What Makes a Great Move

Planning becomes easier if you know what makes a great move. Great moves don’t just happen. They are carefully orchestrated so everyone understands their roles and the overall process. Successful moves actually start with the end results in mind. What needs to be moved first? What are the priorities and timing? How will things be […]
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