If we’re honest, we’ve all had mixed experiences with workplace technology. Sometimes, when it’s poorly deployed or doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, technology can be a barrier to productivity. But when technology is integrated into your office in a smart, strategic way, it can help your entire team function at a higher level.

This is particularly true of so-called “smart” technology, which automates simple, everyday tasks that might otherwise require a lot of manual input. By handling repetitive and time-consuming tasks on your behalf, smart technology can free your whole team to work more efficiently and productively.

Smart Technology in Action

When we talk about smart technology (also called business automation technology), what are we talking about? Basically, smart technology encompasses anything that takes over the mundane tasks that are common to an office setting: Printing and copying documents, managing records, you name it.

Smart technology can look different from one office to the next, but a few of the most common examples include:

  • Smart printers. Smart printers can be connected to the cloud, meaning that any employee can print a document from anywhere in the building. They can print from a laptop or even from their phone, meaning they don’t need to return to their desk to begin the printing process.
  • Smart scanners. With a smart scanner, you can scan a document or image and upload it directly to the cloud, to a connected device, to a shared folder of your choice, or even to a co-worker’s inbox. This can be a huge time-saver.
  • Smart meeting rooms. Not only do smart meeting rooms come equipped with the appropriate audio, video, and lighting equipment. They can also have a virtual or cloud-based booking system, making it easy for team members to book the space as needed.
  • Human capital management software. More and more HR teams are employing HCM tools, which can automate important functions like payroll, time tracking, and employee performance management.

These are just a few examples of business automation technology that can heighten productivity in your office.

Getting Started with Smart Technology

While a technological upgrade may significantly improve the efficiency of your team, it’s important to pursue office automation strategically. Here are some general recommendations.

Assess Your Needs and Goals

What are you trying to accomplish with your smart technology update? What are some of the business inefficiencies or bottlenecks you’re trying to address? Audit your office needs, soliciting feedback from team leaders and employees.

Set a Budget

Smart technology can really be as expensive as you want it to be. To avoid overspending, set some clear budgetary parameters. Keep in mind that some smart technologies may have subscription-based pricing, making them ongoing line items in your budget.

Get Employee Buy-In

Speaking of which, a key part of smart technology integration is ensuring that all employees know how to use the new tools to optimal effect. Provide in-person training if possible. Record it for anyone who misses it the first time. And make IT available for hands-on assistance as needed.

Deliver IT Training

For some employees, the thought of shifting to a new technological ecosystem may be unwelcome, if not intimidating. Communicate with them at each step of your smart technology integration process: Convey the benefits of the new technology, and also provide assurance that all necessary training resources will be provided.

Monitor Results

Keep tabs on how your business automation technology affects employee performance. Specifically, monitor the pain points or bottleneck issues you identified previously.

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