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New Year, New Mindset: Enhancing Productivity in Your Workplace

The start of a new year is a perfect time to take stock of your personal goals and priorities, encompassing everything from financial health to personal fitness. It’s also an ideal occasion to take stock of your team’s goals, and to implement new strategies to facilitate productivity in the workplace. Whether you’re leading a team […]
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Establishing an Office Move Project Team: Roles, Responsibilities, & Collaboration

Relocating an entire business is no small feat. It’s a potentially massive, sprawling project with big ramifications for all aspects of business operations. As such, it’s a project far too big for any one person to handle. You’ll need all hands-on deck to ensure a smooth and successful move. To that end, one of the […]
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Seeking Recommendations & Reviews: Leveraging Others’ Experiences in Choosing a Commercial Mover

Choosing the right moving company can make a world of difference in your commercial relocation. By selecting the right moving team, your organization can contain costs, stick to a reasonable timeline, and ensure that all physical assets are properly secured. Additionally, an experienced commercial moving company can minimize any disruption to your team’s daily activities. […]
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The Art of Office Space Utilization: Maximizing Efficiency & Productivity

The concept of office space is nothing new— for generations, employees have gathered in cubicles and conference rooms to get their work done— but the expectations surrounding office space have evolved considerably. Between the pandemic and steady improvements in digital communication technologies, more and more employees are choosing to work from home, at least part […]
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The Psychology of Office Moves: Minimizing Employee Stress and Disruption

Moving your home can be an emotionally unsettling experience for anyone, as it means saying goodbye to some of the day-to-day realities and routines that provide a sense of stability. The same could be said of moving a workspace, particularly since most employees spend as much time at the office as they do at home. […]
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Key Considerations for Fortune 500 Companies Undertaking Large-Scale Office Relocations

Relocating a corporate headquarters is always a massive undertaking, requiring careful management of cost, communications, and logistics. The complexity of an office relocation scales in accordance with the size of the company, meaning that Fortune 500 companies face acute difficulties. To properly plan for and manage these complexities, it’s first important to have a clear […]
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3 Drawbacks When You Hire Too Many Commercial Move Suppliers

During seasons of economic uncertainty, facilities teams look for ways to improve the operational efficiency of their moves or of their facility change programs. One of the best ways to streamline operational efficiency is to rethink vendor use. All too often, facilities teams hire separate commercial move vendors to assist with their commercial relocation, IT […]
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Not All Moving Companies Have Commercial Moving Estimating Expertise.

Before embarking on a large-scale commercial relocation, it’s imperative to seek estimates from differing moving companies, comparing not just the pricing but the breadth of service. An accurate estimate is the first step in any moving project and estimating mistakes can have real-world consequences. Moreover, it’s a mistake to assume that all moving companies have […]
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Workplace Design Trends 2020: Comfort & Creativity

Building the best workplace experience for your people is the driving force behind this year’s workplace design trends. There’s no doubt about it; a sea change in workplace design trends is coming. After decades of bland, disconnected, tech-first offices, many companies now believe that sparking innovation requires welcoming, humanized spaces. And there’s plenty of evidence […]
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2019 Workplace Change Strategies Round Up

It’s almost 2020. Let this top ten list of workplace change strategies inspire you. Our favorite ideas from 2019 will keep your business moving in 2020. Reflect and renew with these proven strategies that cover everything from employee engagement and motivation to improved office spaces and workplace wellness opportunities that actually work. 1 | Serve […]
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Three Points to Consider When Planning the Modern Office

As employees get older (and younger), cultural norms shift, and technology advances, workspaces need to evolve. Here’s what you need to know to maintain a modern office through 2020 and beyond. In today’s modern office, where so much business is done digitally, it’s easy to overlook how physical things like office chairs, desks, and meeting […]
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