Every workplace has some hard limitations when it comes to overall square footage. For some workplaces, those limitations can feel especially burdensome. If you have a large team and a lot of equipment, but a modest amount of physical space, your team may quickly start feeling cramped and cluttered. And when employees feel that way, morale and productivity often start to decline.

If this describes your business, you may be at a point where you need to upsize your office space. When you do, the team at Corovan will be ready to help you with the logistics of your relocation. Yet moving into a larger space isn’t always feasible, and it isn’t always necessary. Sometimes it’s possible to make better use of your small office space, ensuring comfort and efficiency even within your limited square footage.

Start with an Audit

It all begins with planning. Before you make decisions about how to reorganize your space, take stock of your needs. Think about things like:

  • The number of employee workspaces you need.
  • Whether a hot desk or hoteling option might work for your team.
  • Equipment and storage needs.
  • The need for larger collaborative spaces as well as more private meeting areas.
  • Future growth plans.

A careful analysis of your space needs can be imperative for maximizing your utilization of that space.

Embrace Technology

When it comes to maximizing your workspace, the role of technology can’t be overstated.

Cloud-based storage, collaborative software, and digital communication tools can all help your team connect both within and outside the office, making remote and hybrid work arrangements more feasible. In turn, this allows your team to remain productive even if there’s not quite enough physical space for everyone to gather each day.

Create Flexible Spaces

Some office environments may require every employee to have their own private work area or cubicle, especially if your business involves a lot of private or confidential meetings. But if you can provide larger, shared work spaces, that can help you use your square footage in a more flexible, adaptive way.

Shared spaces can be ideal for meetings and huddles, for team building activities, for communal work areas, for collaborative projects, and more. Having one or two multi-purpose rooms may allow you to minimize the additional space required for your team to function.

Regularly Reevaluate

As your company grows and your team’s daily activities evolve, you’ll want to regularly pause to evaluate your space utilization, and to make adjustments as needed.

It’s imperative to get employee feedback during this process. Use surveys or town hall meetings to get a sense of any inefficiencies, inconveniences, or bottlenecks that your employee can identify, or simple ways you could shuffle your office spaces to make the entire team run more efficiently. Also be mindful of changes you could make to your work arrangements; again, keep options like hybrid work and hoteling on the table.

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Think Critically About Utilizing Small Spaces

Every office has space limitations. Your office may have limitations that feel especially restrictive or acute. It’s important to regularly think about ways to make better use of your square footage, while also remaining open to the possibility of relocation.

With any questions you have about smart office space configuration, or about navigating the intricacies of a commercial move, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Corovan. We’re here whenever you need to discuss different ways to maximize your office environment.