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Whether you are moving your firm of 12 or 12,000 across the country or across town, your legal office move is important to us and our expert team will make sure it is planned, managed, and executed efficiently and confidentially. Your move incorporates a lot of moving parts, that’s why we employ a detailed moving process that troubleshoots every issue and avoids the pitfalls that can cause problems, delays, loss and breakage. Corovan specializes in law firm moves, and handles over 50,000 moves on average per year. Our service areas include San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Inland Empire, San Jose, and San Francisco Bay Area.

Experts in Law Firm and Legal Office Moves

Corovan’s experienced movers have the experience and flexibility to work with you to achieve your expectations.

Office Movers - Premove Planning

Premove Planning

The right move plan makes a big difference in the success of your firm’s moving cost and timeline. Corovan’s movers are here to work with you to customize a plan to address your needs, including safety procedures and packing instructions for your end users to ensure the move process is seamless.
Office Movers - Move Management

Move Management

Whether you are moving a small office or multiple buildings, you’ll have great peace of mind knowing our movers are here to manage the entire project, making sure we use the right moving equipment, packing materials, as well as assigning the right manpower for the job.
Office Movers - Moving Day

Moving Day

The day of your legal office move shouldn’t have to be stressful with last minute surprises and chaos. Our professional movers’ goal is to help you achieve a seamless office move with little downtime as possible. Our project manager will be there to monitor the move and provide you with updates throughout the process.
Office Movers - Post Move Support

Post Move Support

As your team settles into the new space, there could be additional changes and reconfigurations required. It is the mover’s job to make sure you and your team are taken care of, and that your law firm is up and running with as minimal disruption and downtime as possible.

Why Choose Corovan as Your Office Movers

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75 Years
in Business

Corovan Office Movers - Customer Satisfaction Rating

9.4 out of 10
Customer Satisfaction Rating

Corovan Office Movers - Corporate Moves Annually

50,000+ Moves
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Corovan Office Movers On-time Moves

On Time Performance

Ensuring Privacy and Confidentiality in Law Firm Moves

Legal offices and law firms handle vast amounts of sensitive and confidential information, making the safeguarding of such data crucial for both client trust and the overall standing of the firm. Corovan prioritizes privacy and confidentiality with each commercial move, attending to the unique needs faced by legal institutions.

Confidential Data Handling

Throughout the entire process, we ensure that your move is executed with the utmost care and consideration for sensitive data. Corovan’s decades of experience with law offices equips us to implement ironclad data protocols to ensure the utmost care and protection of confidential information, maintaining the highest standards of security.

Secure Document Transportation

It’s critical to ensure that both your paper documents as well as digital databases are transported safely and securely. Corovan employs stringent measures, including comprehensive personnel training and state-of-the-art equipment, to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of your legal documents during the entire relocation process.

Privacy-Focused Planning

Preserving the privacy of sensitive data is not just a consideration during the move; it begins in the initial planning phase. Corovan is dedicated to providing clear insight into how we will safeguard consumer privacy and protect your law firm’s institutional reputation. Our privacy-focused planning ensures a seamless transition while upholding the highest standards of confidentiality.

Privacy Compliance & Advanced Tracking

Corovan takes privacy compliance seriously, adhering to all relevant industry regulations such as ABA confidentiality and HIPAA to safeguard sensitive data during moves. Corotrak, our robust, electronic inventory tracking system provides businesses with accurate, real-time information about the state of their assets from the point of origin to the final destination. This advanced tracking technology ensures that we maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and security throughout the entire relocation process.

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