Office spaces are notoriously noisy, thanks to all the activity that goes on within a given work day. There’s the chatter of employees, the hum of printers and copiers, phones ringing, doors slamming… the list goes on and on. All this commotion suggests a robust and active team, but it may also be a headache or a distraction for employees who just want to get a little work done.

The good news is that, whether you’re designing a new office space from scratch or retrofitting an existing building, there are plenty of soundproofing steps you can follow.

Ensure a Variety of Workspaces

One priority is to provide your employees with a few different work arrangements. Having larger, flexible spaces for meetings and collaboration is essential. But it’s also important to have cubicles or smaller offices for employees who need privacy for their work.

One way to handle this is by introducing modularity to your office, specifically in the form of mobile or freestanding partitions. These work areas can be introduced when and where they are needed to help mediate your noise issues.

Integrate Modular Wall Panels

Speaking of modularity, another option is to invest in soundproofing panels for your office space. You can install these panels throughout the office or only in the areas where noise is most acute. Corovan innovatively experimented with cutting-edge soundproofing panels, effectively reducing noise in the workspace while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment, showcasing a commitment to enhancing both acoustic comfort and visual appeal.

Today’s modular soundproof panels can be custom designed to fit with your workplace aesthetic, and are often made with wood, foam, and other materials as opposed to standard fiberglass. These panels can be easily installed with simple adhesives, which means they can be implemented with little or no disruption to your daily operations.

Other Ways to Soundproof Your Office

Beyond modular wall partitions and tiles, there are a few other ways in which you can dampen sound in your workplace. Consider these options:

  • Install carpet: Installing carpet can be an effective way to prevent the transmission of noise, especially down long corridors. Carpets can also help muffle footsteps, reducing the overall din in your office environment.
  • Use noise-canceling paint: Soundproof paint can help reduce the spread of noise, including noise passing between thin walls that separate different office spaces. Available in a full range of colors, this paint can also complement your office aesthetic.
  • Use plants: Large plants and “living walls” not only absorb sound but can also add to the mood-enhancing greenery of your workspace.

A final note: Remember that not every square inch of your office requires soundproofing. There’s something to be said about having spaces that are equipped for quiet, private conversations. In larger, collaborative spaces, though, soundproofing may not be a necessary investment. Again, thinking in terms of modularity, as opposed to an all-or-nothing approach, is usually the best option.

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