The concept of office space is nothing new— for generations, employees have gathered in cubicles and conference rooms to get their work done— but the expectations surrounding office space have evolved considerably. Between the pandemic and steady improvements in digital communication technologies, more and more employees are choosing to work from home, at least part of the time. When they do come into the office, it’s more important than ever for them to find a space that’s flexible, comfortable, and conducive to productivity.

For more than 75 years, Corovan has been a leading name in office relocation and design. We’ve mastered the art of office space utilization, and in this post we’re going to share a few tips for office managers looking to use their space most effectively.

The Impact of Office Space on Employee Productivity

Research shows that employee workspaces have a direct effect on productivity, efficiency, and morale. Everything from lighting to temperature to the physical organization of the space can impact employees’ ability to do their job well, and to enjoy clarity of mind as they do it.

By contrast, employees typically feel impeded in their work when they have to contend with too much noise from adjoining offices; when they feel like they lack the privacy needed to make calls or hold meetings; or when they don’t have the flexibility needed to work both individually and collaboratively. In a word, inefficient use of office space is detrimental to the functionality of the team.

Assessing Current Office Space Utilization

So, what can office managers do to make the best possible use of their current space? An important first step is to take stock of the current office space utilization, assessing both the pain points and areas of opportunity.

Gathering employee feedback on the current office space, via surveys or anonymous polls, is a good first step. Walkthroughs and surveys, conducted during actual work hours, can be helpful for identifying bottlenecks or areas of too much office congestion.

Identify areas of congestion
Create an open and flexible floorplan that maximizes natural light

Strategic Office Layout Design

Beyond the initial assessment, there are a number of ways to maximize office space, making it a fruitful place for employees to get their work done.

  • Create an open, flexible floor plan, with hybrid spaces that serve multiple purposes (include designated collaboration areas and meeting rooms).
  • Incorporate ergonomic furniture and workspaces, demonstrating a commitment to employee comfort and physical wellbeing.
  • Maximize natural light and bring in some greenery, both of which have been linked to improvements in employee mental health.

Embracing Technology for Optimal Office Space Management

Technology can be invaluable for optimizing the use of office space. For example, smart office solutions can enable space monitoring, while data analytics can be used to more clearly identify space usage patterns.

The proper incorporation of technology can assist with resource allocation, as well, ensuring easy-access solutions for employees who need printers, copiers, or digital office equipment.

Creating Zones for Different Activities

Another important aspect of office space utilization is creating different zones, set apart for different types of activity. For example, an effective office space typically includes:

  • Focused work areas for individual tasks.
  • Collaborative zones for team projects.
  • Relaxation and break areas, essential for boosting employee morale.
Create zones for different activities, such as focused work areas or relaxation areas for boosting morale
Be strategic in employing eco-friendly practices in your office

Emphasizing Sustainability in Office Design

Something else to consider: Today’s employees increasingly want to work for a company that takes environmental sustainability seriously. Sustainable office design can be an important tool for employee recruitment and retention, particularly among younger generations of employees.

Be strategic in implementing eco-friendly practices within your office. This might mean choosing trusted vendors to provide eco-conscious office supplies, developing robust recycling programs, prioritizing energy efficiency, and more.

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Planning an Office Relocation with Corovan

As you consider the best ways to utilize a new or existing office space, choosing the right partner is key. Corovan has a proven track record helping major enterprises plot and execute their relocations, planning for the most effective use of their new office facilities.

We understand how important office space utilization is for productivity, efficiency, morale, even for employee retention. To learn more about optimizing your space, we invite you to contact Corovan today.