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As a technology service division of Corovan Moving & Storage Co., Corotech is proud to provide technology hardware relocation and support services to businesses of all sizes and industries – from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Here are our customers’ frequently asked questions to help you get started:

Technology relocation means moving all your high tech equipment from one location to another. Corotech can help you with practically any technology equipment you can imagine, including desktop workstations, laptops, touchscreens, towers and related equipment. This includes all computer peripherals, including scanners and network printers, monitors, monitor arms, and more. We can also relocate your data center, servers, and cabling.
Yes! Corotech takes responsibility for your technology hardware. We stay until the requirements of the job are complete. And there’s another reason for enlisting our help. Corotech may bring up questions that have not been considered, so the “what ifs” can be addressed in advance. We will work with your IT team to ensure a timely and seamless transition without disruption to your business. We’re not a data security company, though. So be sure and back up, encrypt, password protect, and secure your data and confidential information, so matter the medium.
Your IT staff will have its hands full taking care of network connections, data security, backups, encryption, and other mission critical work. Be assured, we will work with your IT staff as a team. In our pre-move meeting, we will meet them and learn about the full scope of your needs and requirements. That meeting will be a good opportunity to answer all of your questions, including ones you have not yet considered.
There is no ideal size. We can help companies of any size in a wide range of industries. We handle technology hardware relocations in such categories as internet, legal, accounting, medical, research and development, aerospace and many others. We are just as enthusiastic about a successful move for a small firm of a dozen people, as a large company with thousands of employees in multiple locations.
We are available to you from pre-move all the way through post-move evaluations. You can reach us any time, and we are able to adapt and change requirements on the fly. For example, we typically have the flexibility of adding 50 more of your computers at the last minute. Though, if you hire our move management support team, these last minute changes might be avoided. You’ll want to contact our move lead with questions during the move and with last minute requests. Our tech lead is highly experienced works hand in hand with the move lead to ensure that your move goes smoothly and you stay informed.
Absolutely. Our technology services team has experience coordinating with third-party vendors to ensure that we meet all the project’s requirements. We will work with your IT team to ensure a timely and seamless transition without disruption to your business.
Every move is different, and the time depends on the volume and complexity of equipment, as well as how fast you need the move completed. Once we have gone over the details with you, we will have a pretty good idea and can provide an estimate for your technology hardware disconnect/reconnect move.
We have yet to turn down a move based on size! Tell us what you have and we will meet with you and formulate a plan.
We carefully pack and organize your equipment. We cover monitors with foam paddings or bubble wrap, gather cables, and pack everything in speed packs or server carts that are custom built for securely moving servers and other equipment.
We want you to have peace of mind during the move. Be assured, our employees are prequalified and background checked. If you ever have any concerns from pre to post move, talk to us and we will do what we can to allay your concerns.
We have been doing technology hardware relocation and disconnect/reconnect for many years. Our experience includes Fortune 500 companies with thousands of employees, and small tech firms with 10 employees. We can handle hundreds of item moves every weekend.
With us doing the heavy lifting and technical labor, your IT team will have more time to focus on making sure all of the network is up and running at the new location, and restoring all of your business’ security features. Some companies try to do the labor themselves to save money. Quite often, this proves to be a bad decision. Please don’t let your employees carry their computer and monitor home with them the day prior to the move, or worse yet, allow your IT employee to put that server rack in his pickup truck! These are recipes for a disastrous interruption of your business. Let Corotech take care of this move.
Hiring Corotech to help your company disconnect and reconnect technology during your relocation can help you save time and money. It frees up your IT staff so they can focus on network connectivity, data security and backups, and data connections, making sure things are all properly shut down and set up at the new location.

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