The nature of the workplace is changing at a rapid pace. Between mass layoffs, the rise of remote or hybrid work arrangements, and a shifting economy, many employers are being forced to adjust to new realities and consider significant, material changes, either downsizing their office space, moving into a more flexible facility, or getting rid of the centralized workplace altogether.

No matter which of these activities you’re involved in, it’s important to be mindful about decommissioning your old office space. An important starting point is to select the right vendor. Commercial relocation companies like Corovan can offer a wealth of expertise for successfully decommissioning your space. As you seek the right partner, here are a few factors to keep top-of-mind.

Sustainability Concerns

There’s no denying it: When you shut down an old office space, it leaves you with a lot of physical assets that can no longer be used. The question of how to dispose of those items, without violating your core sustainability objectives, looms large.

Seek an office decommissioning vendor who brings knowledge of eco-friendly services, including recycling and refurbishment. When interviewing potential vendors, ask about specific strategies they will use to ensure a “green” decommissioning process.

Data and Privacy

Among the items you’ll decommission, there will probably be hard drives, old computers, perhaps even mobile devices. And many of those devices will likely contain sensitive files. This may include patient or customer records, financial data, or even proprietary secrets.

Make sure you ask your decommissioning vendor about the steps they will take to work with your IT team, ensuring that data security remains a major emphasis throughout the process.

Technology and Tracking

Of course, you will have some items that are not eliminated during the decommissioning. Some items may be retained for use in another location. To help you keep track of the assets you’re keeping, the role of technology is essential.

When interviewing potential vendors, ask them about the systems they can implement to help with conducting a thorough inventory, and to track any assets that are transported to other locations.

Cleaning and Compliance

Before closing up an old workspace, it’s important to conduct a thorough cleaning. And in some instances, you may need to pay special attention to the disposal of hazardous materials or other potential pollutants.

It’s critical to seek a decommissioning vendor who brings comprehensive cleaning services as well as a deep knowledge of regulatory compliance issues. These are important subjects to ask about during your initial interview with a potential vendor.

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When you shut down an old work site, it’s important to do it right. Sustainability, data security, logistics, and legal compliance are just a few of the issues requiring your attention.

At Corovan, we’re ready to address each of these issues, and to help you ensure success in your decommissioning and commercial relocation. We’ve been doing this for more than 75 years, and we have a full portfolio of tools to help you ensure a smooth transition. Reach out to us whenever you’re ready to chat.