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4 Ways to Make Your MAC Program More Efficient

For facilities teams, managing the ongoing daily requests for Moves, Adds, and Changes can be challenging. On the one hand, facilities teams are tasked with controlling costs; on the other hand, their job is to help address the needs of their co-workers. Careful balance is required, and during times of economic uncertainty, the pressure to […]
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How to Evaluate Commercial Moving Estimates

Relocations, whether residential or commercial, are unpredictable by their very nature; it’s impossible to know exactly what a moving day is going to look like, nor to plan for every contingency. With that said, it’s totally reasonable to expect your moving company to provide you with an estimate, giving you some ballpark expectations about what […]
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Office Furniture Design Trends 2019

Stay up to date with 2019 furniture trends that are attractive, functional — and compliant. As you plan moves and office space this year, it is essential to keep track of both manufacturing trends and industry laws. Unfortunately, class-action lawsuits are on the rise due to a California employment law, informally called the “suitable seating […]
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Your Summer Workplace Change Guide

Get 5 expert tips to keep employees engaged over the warmer months. We can’t quite believe it, but summer is here. Studies show it’s the season when worker productivity takes a nosedive. When more people are out of the office on vacation, and those left behind wish they were taking time off. It’s a perfect […]
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Top Five Moving Mistakes for Businesses to Avoid

Are they worth the risks? Shrink your post-move punchlists by avoiding these mistakes. In order to facilitate the most efficient move possible, it’s important to cover all the moving parts thoroughly. Lack of communication with your employees and vendors are just one of the costly mistakes you can avoid. 1. Choosing the lowest bidder without […]
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Creative Office Space Planning

Considering a Creative Office Space? Here’s What to Know First HR departments have long understood the lure of a strong employee benefits package to help attract and retain employees, but more and more employers and facilities managers are hopping on board the creative office space trend and coming around to the idea of another, less […]
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What Creative Office Space Looks Like

You may be wondering, “How prevalent are creative offices anyway? Well, if the number of blogs dedicated to them is any indication, creative office space is only gaining more traction. And, no discussion would be complete without some visual examples. So, we’ve rounded up a few amazing ideas from California companies to get your imagination […]
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Create More Office Space

Maybe your company is experiencing rapid growth, or maybe your facilities plan overlooked a few angles. Whatever the cause, what do you do if your company is growing too big for your current office space? Often—and ideally—the answer is to relocate your business. However, upgrading to larger space may not be possible due to budget […]
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How to prepare for your office lease expiration

How to prepare for your office lease expirationIt’s important to plan ahead. The end of the year doesn’t just signal the holidays. It’s also the time of year when many California businesses are faced with an office lease expiration and must decide whether to renew their office lease or relocate. If you choose to relocate […]
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Turn Your Office into an Employee Experience Center

With these updates, your employees will be eager to come to work. As we reported in last month’s article, the workplace is part of the employee experience, it isn’t just commercial space. When you are ready to embrace Employee Experience Design, where do you begin to implement it? 1. Start with your Employees Involving your […]
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