In today’s fast-paced work environment, employers are increasingly recognizing the importance of providing more than just the basics to their employees. Research suggests that employee satisfaction and productivity are closely linked to workplace culture, and one of the most impactful aspects of that culture is office food availability.

If you’ve ever worked in a traditional office setting, you know that not all culinary options are created equal. Gone are the days of stale bagels and lukewarm coffee; modern workplaces are embracing new and innovative approaches to food for their teams and fostering a sense of community.

Creative and enticing food options can go a long way toward boosting employee morale and increasing retention. In fact, there are countless creative options that can elevate your office food provisions, much to the delight of your team.

On-Site Meal Prep

The single most effective way to use food as a way to boost morale and retention is to provide meals on-site, creating a canteen or cafeteria setting where your employees can go for a hot meal without having to leave the premises, or scramble to pack a sandwich before leaving for work in the morning.

The opportunity to enjoy healthy, varied, and filling meals on-site not only encourages employees to stay at the office throughout the work day, even collaborating together while enjoying a meal, but it can also be an incredible tool for recruiting top talents. Who wouldn’t want to work in an office environment with its own micro-kitchens and cafes?

Some of the world’s foremost employers, including Google, have made outstanding food services a key part of their culture, driving high levels of satisfaction among their personnel. It’s a model that more and more companies are emulating, partnering with food service vendors to bring a range of culinary options on-site.

Grab-and-Go Meals

Of course, not every company has the resources to provide full on-site meal prep. Even so, there are smart, cost-effective ways to promote employee nutrition.

One way is by providing boxed meals, which could include salads, wraps, or sandwiches. Some benefits of the grab-and-go meal service include:

  • Your employees won’t need to spend any time with meal prep or driving off-site for lunch, which allows for greater focus and flexibility during the work day.
  • Meals made with fresh ingredients can support your workplace wellness initiatives, potentially leading to a more energized and healthier team.
  • Grab-and-go meals can also support a broader range of dietary needs, including those who need gluten-free or vegan options.

Note that grab-and-go meals can be distributed through a commissary system or an office “marketplace,” allowing for multiple ways to handle payments or employee meal credits.

Breakroom Snack Boxes

Even among the smallest of businesses, there’s always a need for tasty, nutritious snacks in the breakroom.

Snack boxes can be a great choice here, allowing you to order curated assortments of nuts, trail mixes, bars, even sweets. Partnering with the right vendor can ensure you’re getting healthier options, designed to fuel your employees rather than sending them into a sugar slump. Again, healthy break room options can be a great way to complement your workplace wellness initiatives. Also note that curated snack boxes allow you to survey your employees, seeing what they like and what they don’t like, and ensure the break room remains stocked with the good stuff.

Coffee, Tea, and Beyond

Of course, your employees will need beverages to accompany their snacks, and there’s nothing wrong with offering a good cup of coffee. Consider partnerships with roasters who can elevate your hot drinks above and beyond instant coffee pods and augment your caffeine line-up with an array of teas.

And what about cold beverages? Supplement your water cooler with gut-healthy carbonated drinks, sodas that forgo sugar in favor of natural sweeteners. These can be awesome refreshers that won’t cause employees to crash once the initial buzz wears off.

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Enhance Your Workplace Culinary Options

One of the most important workplace perks you can offer is nutritional support. We recommend looking beyond the tried-and-true options, instead considering diverse food options that tantalize as well as energize.

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