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3 Ways to Boost Productivity in Your Workplace in 2023

Happy and productive employees are the foundation of any successful business. Facility managers play an essential role in creating and maintaining positive workspaces — the kinds of workspaces where employees thrive. In other words, facility managers have the opportunity to turn the physical workspace into a competitive advantage for your business, even helping you achieve […]
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Workplace Design With Older Workers in Mind

According to Deloitte, knowledge workers remaining in the workforce past retirement age are the fastest growing work segment. This provides an exciting opportunity for facility managers to reconfigure the office layout while taking multi-generational collaboration and mentorship into account. As people enjoy vibrant and longer life expectancies, many are opting to remain in the workforce […]
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How to Move On From Your Open Plan Office

Your employees don’t love it. Here’s how to transition to a better, more productive office without breaking the bank.
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Workplace Design Trends Forecast 2019

Do your employees look forward to coming to work? If not, consider these six workplace design trends for creating a truly enjoyable workspace. Think about your workspace for a moment. How’s the light? What sort of art is around you? How about plants? Does your work align with the people sitting next to you? Is […]
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2018 Workplace Tips Roundup

A new year is upon us. What better time to look for ways to improve your workplace? Make room for 2019 with these proven workplace tips. This list of 10 workplace tips we discovered in 2018 will inspire you to create the best office environment possible in 2019—whether that’s encouraging employees breaks to cut down […]
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How to Reduce Noise in the Workplace

Over the past twenty years or so, we’ve seen a clear and consistent shift towards open plan offices. While they certainly have their benefits, fostering employee communication and saving costs on space, one of the most consistent complaints about open offices is the noise. Now, there’s a meaningful difference between “sound” and “noise”. “Sound” isn’t […]
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Helping Employees Respond Positively to Workplace Changes

“[It] is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.” – Leon C. Megginson Megginson’s quotation, often misattributed to Darwin, has become […]
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2017 Workplace Tips Roundup

Supercharge 2018 with Our Top 10 Workplace Tips This list of our top 10 workplace tips is a collection of the most inspiring, surprising and powerful ideas we found in 2017. From green plants and bean bag chairs to headphones and standing desks, we covered a lot of ground this year, and this is the […]
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Creating Workspaces for Generation Z

Quick, flexible workspaces for Generation Z hires Your newest hires might be eager to climb the company ladder, but they’re not after your corner office. The young people who are joining the workforce today are radically different from the Boomers they’re replacing. They want flexible workspaces and adaptable schedules. They want freedom. It’s not that […]
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Join the Activity-Based Working Movement

Your laptop is powerful and practically weightless. All the tools and documents you could ever need are in the cloud. There’s WiFi everywhere. So why are you chained to your desk all day? Could you transform your work life overnight, just by moving your office furniture around? A group of forward-thinking office designers thinks so, […]
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