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The Keys to a Sustainable Office Relocation

Over the past decade, more and more businesses have dedicated themselves to a higher standard of corporate responsibility, specifically pledging to operate with sustainability and ecological-friendliness in mind. To live up to these commitments, it’s critical for business leaders to keep sustainability top-of-mind during all aspects of business operation, including during office relocation projects. This […]
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Say Hello to the Modern Reception Area

Your office reception area is not only the first impression for your business, but it is also the first experience that most people have with your business. Your guest walks in and they’re instantly greeted by the friendly face of your receptionist. They marvel at the beautiful and fresh interpretation of your company’s brand as […]
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Implications of Working with Unlicensed Moving Contractors

The Risks of Working with an Unlicensed Contractor Working with unlicensed contractors invites significant legal risk, including: Legal and financial exposure for health and safety violations Legal and financial exposure for third party injuries AND Going to court uninsured A certification from California Licensing Board reflects the passing a rigorous licensing process, but also shows […]
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Ergonomics: It’s Not Just About Chairs

Managers now know employees are more productive when they’re happier and healthier. Thanks to basic ergonomic principles, your company can easily take steps to increase productivity and satisfaction. Contrary to popular belief, ergonomics isn’t just a fancy buzzword for expensive chairs and wrist rests—it’s an applied science dealing with the design and arrangement of workplaces […]
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Conference Rooms, Productivity & Culture

Impress Your Guests with Better Conference Room Furniture and Design You never get a second chance to make a first impression. When you meet with clients on your turf, the design, conference room furniture type and even the name of your conference rooms can make a positive impression for you. Your conference room is the […]
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2017 Workplace Tips Roundup

Supercharge 2018 with Our Top 10 Workplace Tips This list of our top 10 workplace tips is a collection of the most inspiring, surprising and powerful ideas we found in 2017. From green plants and bean bag chairs to headphones and standing desks, we covered a lot of ground this year, and this is the […]
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5 Office Hacks Inspired by Home Offices

If you’ve ever used a Post-it note to sweep away crumbs from your laptop keyboard then you’re well aware of life hacks. For those uninitiated, life hacks are simple tips or tricks that make your everyday life easier and better. With that in mind, we’ve found five office hacks, for your desk and workplace, inspired […]
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The Truth About Open Workspaces

While open office plans and shared workspace environments have been championed as ways to boost collaboration, productivity, and creativity; new studies reveal that open-plan offices have detrimental effects on workers. Studies have shown that employees in open-plan offices show an increase in stress-levels, and a decrease in focus and productivity. The Gensler Study conducted by the […]
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Turn an Ordinary Workstation into a Cool Workstation

You spend a lot of our time at work. Your workstations should be inviting and stimulating, but also a blank canvas that you can decorate to reflect your individual personality. A well-designed workstation can affect our mood and foster creativity. Turn your workstation from ordinary to cool with these creative ideas—that are also easy on […]
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5 Office Space Trends

As your business wraps up this year’s final quarter, it’s only too easy to reflect on how your business performed—not how your business space performed. Yet it’s critical to evaluate how your facilities support your company goals, employee satisfaction, and overall productivity. 1. Maximizing Office Space the Right Way As the price per square foot […]
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