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Your Summer Workplace Change Guide

We can’t quite believe it, but summer is just around the corner. It’s the season when studies show worker productivity takes a nosedive—when more people are out of the office on vacation, and those left behind wish they were taking time off. It’s a perfect time to start planning for a summer workplace change–such as […]
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Are You Choosing The Right Facility Vendor?

Here are some key pointers to think about. The reality for most businesses is that for day-to-day needs, everything from catering to computers, there are often many contracted vendors coming in and out of the office. That can open your workplace up to risk. (Think of all those open computer screens, all that sensitive paperwork […]
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Top Five Moving Mistakes for Businesses to Avoid

Are they worth the risks? Shrink your post-move punchlists by avoiding these mistakes. In order to facilitate the most efficient move possible, it’s important to cover all the moving parts thoroughly. Lack of communication with your employees and vendors are just one of the costly mistakes you can avoid. 1. Choosing the lowest bidder without […]
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How Successful Companies Get Their Dream Office

Successful businesses have proven that when it comes to planning your next big move, timing is everything. To continue to grow, you need to plan ahead and have the foresight to work on your next big steps. In a recent article for Entrepreneur Magazine, Mark Henricks writes, “While moving carries risks, a move can be […]
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Is Starbucks the New Office?

Are your employees more productive at the office or the coffee shop? Chris J. Reed’s article, 5 Reasons Why Starbucks is the Only Office You Need, inspired us to take a closer look at the office, and what we discovered is not what you think. Look around your office. Are your employees engaging with each […]
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Create a Coffee Shop Atmosphere for Your Office

Last month, after reading 5 Reasons Why Starbucks is the Only Office You Need, we were inspired to take a closer look at the traditional office with Part I of our discussion, Is Starbucks the New Office? This month, we’ve created an action-plan for how you can give your workplace that coffee shop atmosphere: a […]
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Create More Office Space

Maybe your company is experiencing rapid growth, or maybe your facilities plan overlooked a few angles. Whatever the cause, what do you do if your company is growing too big for your current office space? But doing nothing can have a negative impact on productivity, employee retention, and even professionalism. There are easy solutions to […]
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Don’t retire the private office just yet

Thanks to the open-plan workspace, pioneered by global powerhouses like Google, Zappos and Facebook, many companies may be rethinking the practicality of the private office—thus shaking to the core traditional notions of professional prestige, authority and the American Dream of “making it” to the corner office or executive suite. The open workspace is being widely […]
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How to prepare for your business lease expiration

How to prepare for your business lease expirationIt’s important to plan ahead. The end of the year doesn’t just signal the holidays. It’s also the time of year when many California businesses are faced with a business lease expiration and must decide whether to renew their business lease or relocate. If you choose to relocate […]
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How to Measure Workplace Setup Performance

One key metric will help measure your success. When we imagine the ideal office space, it’s probably mirrored after high-tech companies in Silicon Valley. “Silicon Valley” the HBO show, that is. Corovan moving boxes were just spotted in a recent episode of the show when both Pied Piper and Hooli relocate to modern spaces without […]
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