Successful businesses have proven that when it comes to planning your next big move, timing is everything. To continue to grow, you need to plan ahead and have the foresight to work on your next big steps.

In a recent article for Entrepreneur Magazine, Mark Henricks writes, “While moving carries risks, a move can be one of the best things you ever do for your business.” While risk is inherent in every step of important decision-making, realize that by relocating you are creating the space for your business to become even more successful. Here are five tips to making your next big move a reality:

1. Invent a New Market

Know your niche. Learn you market and hone in on what your business does differently. By separating yourself from other businesses, or by going after an underserved market, you create a new market for your product and allow room for your business to expand and grow.

2. Tighten Your Expenses

Watching your wallet doesn’t mean skimping on company meals; it requires more research and innovation. Are you paying to use software that you could find cheaper as an app on the Internet? Could you restructure the jobs of your current employees to make your workplace more efficient? Think about your day-to-day costs and research to find the most cost-effective solutions. Start saving and be conservative with your spending; this will help leave some extra cash for when you need it.

3. Have A Plan

Whether you’re thinking of moving to a part of town with more foot-traffic, or moving halfway across the country for cheaper rent, creating a plan is key. Sharon K. Ward, an economic development consultant in Allentown, Pennsylvania says, “You would not want to move to find a well-qualified work force only to find that it’s worse in your new location.” Visit new locations frequently, contact brokers to learn the pros and cons of moving to different neighborhoods, and discuss your unique business needs with your team.

4. Don’t Wait Too Long

While you certainly do not want to rush into your next move, make sure that you take finding a new space seriously and do not put off the planning process. If your employees have to work in cramped conditions, or open workspaces, this decreases worker productivity and increases stress levels in your workplace. By being proactive, researching your options, and looking at spaces in advance, you are manifesting the space that you want to grow into.

5. Maximize Your New Space

While looking at new spaces, imagine ways that you can maximize your space. For example, creating a lunchroom or designated meeting areas for more employee interaction and collaboration. A recent article by American Express suggests the following steps to maximize your office space: take advantage of paperless systems to decrease the need for file cabinets, declutter the office with “extra stuff” that you have no immediate need for, and choose smaller, more efficient furniture pieces to make more room in your office. This way, your new workspace will give a clean, streamlined, and professional appearance to workers and potential clients, and your business will continue to flourish. By honing in on your market, researching and planning for a new location, and saving along the way, you will be able to upgrade to your dream office. The money that you save on your daily expenses is money that you can invest in your future space, and to keep in reserve, just in case things don’t go according to plan.

Making Your Next Big Move A Reality

An important part of realizing your dream is to start the process of researching your options, and looking into new spaces. If you are looking for planning tools, project managers, and ways to save time and money, Corovan can help. Our team of moving experts can help successful companies meet their goal of upgrading to a bigger office. We also offer space planning, furniture, and storage solutions that make it fast and easy to relocate.