Alleviate the stress of being caught in IT’s backlog with disconnect-reconnect services

Most businesses have created a backlog to manage all of the daily requests that come into the IT department. That list is often triaged to tackle the most critical issues first, sometimes leaving employees with smaller problems waiting weeks or even months for their item to be addressed. Having your business move sitting somewhere on that same backlog along with all of the rest of the requests, creates unnecessary tension between departments during a critical time for a company.

Reduce IT’s backlog

A move can even be seen as a way to clear your workspace of clutter and start anew. Why not capitalize on the move as a way to clear the IT backlog, too? For example, that low-priority task of upgrading all of marketing department’s monitors. Corovan’s team can collect the old monitors before the move, and install the new ones before everyone gets into their new offices.

Reduce risk

If your IT department is as busy as most, they work enough Saturdays as it is. Asking them to manage daily help desk tickets along with business moves is putting business-as-usual at risk. A professional tech relocation service can handle any size move in a single weekend. All so you can have email, printers, and infrastructure up and running smoothly on Monday. And fewer help desk tickets to manage.

Re-establish connectivity faster

Our IT relocation team is skilled in the disconnect and reconnect process. From a bulky rack of servers to a desktop computer, our team has refined this to a smooth, quick and accurate process.

Save time and money

Measure twice, cut once (as the old saying goes.) A well-planned move reduces wasted time and money. Our IT team will work with your team to create a relocation plan that will help you get organized. During the move, we will professionally supervise every aspect of your IT relocation.

Ensure what leaves, arrives

Our team completes a highly detailed inventory of your IT assets (computers, printers, phones and more) prior to and after the move. We not only make sure everything is in the right place on Monday, but that your IT inventory didn’t change during the move. Next: Learn about Corovan’s Chaos-free IT relocation service »

What Our Customers Say…

I wanted to thank Corovan and the great staff supporting…for such a fantastic year. With almost 20,000 moves competed, which is unprecedented in today’s economic times, I feel very fortunate to be working with all of you in this very dynamic company. With your efforts we have completed thousands of successful moves over the years with minimal problems which shows the dedication of this team. I have to say all of you have stepped up to the plate working countless hours in a hectic environment with very little recognition. So, today I am personally thanking you all for an awesome job you have done…” – Silicon Valley Software Company