Protect Your Confidential Information Before The Move

  • Income tax returns, CPA reports
  • Investment trade confirmations
  • Legal records
  • Retirement and pension records
  • Annual financial statements and books of account
  • Corporate documents (incorporation, charter, by-laws, etc.)
  • Stock records
  • Retirement and pension records
  • Licenses, patents, and trademarks and registration packets
  • Investment trade confirmations
  • Documents substantiating fixed asset additions
  • Bank reconciliation and cancelled checks
  • Canceled payroll and dividend checks
  • Personnel and payroll records
  • Purchase records
  • Sales records
  • Travel and entertainment records
  • Supporting documents for tax returns
  • Property records / improvement receipts
  • Applications for employement
  • Customer credit applications
  • Health records of employees and applicants
  • Supporting documentation for Proprietary Products, Designs
  • Lab and QC Reports
  • Safety testing data and reports
  • Important correspondence of a sensitive nature.

The TEST: What would happen if your competitor or other adversary had access to this information? If the answer is bad news, SHRED IT if you don’t need it.

To add secure shredding and all the advantages to you next move – email today or contact your sales rep.