When moving heavy machinery from one facility to another, it’s important to put safety first. Transporting industrial equipment can entail some health and safety risks, before, during, and after the move itself. To mitigate these risks, it’s crucial to embrace the latest innovations, including both standard-setting technologies and up-to-date strategic thinking.

At Corovan, we have more than seven decades as a trusted name in commercial relocation. In that time, we have developed a portfolio of cutting-edge technologies, specifically designed to increase safety in heavy machinery transport. To take advantage of these technologies for your next move, schedule a consultation with Corovan today.

New Developments in Heavy Machinery Transport

For an example of our standard-setting equipment, look no further than our 25/35 forklift.

Simply put, this forklift provides a level of efficiency that traditional forklifts cannot match. Its capacity is 25,000 pounds with the base retracted, 35,000 pounds with the base extended. With this forklift, we can empower our teams to transport truly heavy-duty equipment in a way that’s safe and secure. That’s just one of many factors that makes Corovan a leading name in commercial relocation.

Essential Strategies for Heavy Machinery Transport

Beyond having access to the right equipment, it’s also important to uphold some basic safety strategies.

Check Local Laws

Depending on the municipality you’re in, there may be permitting requirements involved with transporting heavy machinery. Complying with local laws may also mean sending escort vehicles, separating your transport vehicles from the flow of traffic. Following these laws is an important way to prioritize safety, not just for workers but for civilians who happen to be nearby.

Conduct a Risk Assessment

Before you start moving anything, it’s smart to take a step back and evaluate the specific risks that your project entails, whether due to sheer volume or industry-specific safety hazards. Choosing a seasoned commercial relocation vendor like Corovan can help you get this key preliminary step taken care of.

Plan Route and Time

Naturally, advanced planning is needed both to guarantee the right route and to ensure the ideal time for your relocation. This planning can help you promote safety while also minimizing downtime at your facility.

Conduct Inspections

We recommend inspecting all heavy machinery both before and after the move, checking things like fluid levels and hose connections to ensure the equipment is ready for safe use.

Emphasize Safety When Loading and Unloading

There are a number of tips to keep in mind when loading and unloading heavy machinery, including:

  • Ensure all ramps and other loading/unloading surfaces are clean and clear of grease, oil, and debris.
  • Ensure you have the proper chain and hook size on hand to secure your machinery to the truck bed.
  • Avoid having any unnecessary personnel in the area, both during loading and unloading.

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As you seek a safe, efficient way to transport heavy machinery, make sure you’re working with a trusted provider. At Corovan, we not only have a sterling reputation in our industry, but we also have the tools and technologies needed to help you execute a successful move. To find out more about safe heavy machinery moves, reach out to the team at Corovan today.