Over time, it’s natural for any workplace to become a bit stagnant. As employees settle into daily routines, they may lose some of the enthusiasm that characterized their early days on the job. As a result, you may notice your team’s collective morale, creativity, and vigor taking a slide.

To rejuvenate your team, there are a whole host of activities you might consider. Shaking up the norm, encouraging your team members to engage in fun or outside-the-box activities, may be just what you need to reignite your team’s spark. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Get Out of Town

For a literal change of scenery, consider a team building retreat. Invite your employees to join you for a weekend getaway at a mountain cabin or beachfront resort. Allow plenty of time for your team members to relax and unwind, but also engage them in group discussions or problem-solving tasks.

Host a Workshop

Another way to revitalize your team is to offer some opportunities for skills formation and professional development. Take everyone to an off-site seminar, or better yet, invite some experts to come provide a seminar in-house. Buy everyone a nice catered lunch and allow your employees to cultivate new skills and perspectives they can use to propel their careers forward.


Combine employee engagement with community service. Coordinate a day for your employees to serve together at a local soup kitchen, or to spend a few hours picking up litter at a nearby park. This can be a great way to encourage bonding and collaboration with a broader sense of purpose.

Promote Fitness

Rejuvenate your team’s morale by inviting everyone into a fitness challenge. Over the course of a month, encourage everyone to take a walk at lunch time, to get in a certain number of steps, or to arrive a little early for an office yoga session.

Start a Book Club

Sometimes all your employees need is a good icebreaker. Providing a common text for them to read and discuss together can be a really great way to foster conversations, above and beyond the typical workplace small talk. A monthly book club, hosted during lunch hour, can be an excellent form of employee engagement.

Be Creative

Still another option is to make space for your employees to create together. For instance, you can bring in an expert to lead a group painting session, or to provide instruction in a particular craft. Or, you can simply hold an hour for employees to sit together, put their normal work on the backburner, and engage in their favorite hobbies for a little while.

Head Outside

Outdoor adventures are always a great way to relieve stress and promote physical activity, all while getting employees out of their office for a while. A group hike or even a nature walk can be fun and engaging.

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Refresh Your Team with an Engaging Activity

If you feel like your team has lost some of its zeal, consider hosting some activities to re-engage their enthusiasm. This list can point you in the right direction, but really, the only limit is your own creativity. With any questions about forming a healthy and engaging workplace, don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Corovan.