Laboratory moving is unlike any other type of relocation. It’s a specialized field that exists within the commercial moving industry, and as such, it would be a mistake to assume that any commercial or household mover has the skill and experience necessary to successfully relocate a lab.

Laboratory managers should take extra care to analyze their mover’s expertise, resources, and specific lab experience, bearing in mind that mistakes caused by inexperience can be extremely expensive to correct.

Logistical Concerns

For one thing, it’s important to remember that laboratory relocations come with logistical challenges that aren’t found with other types of moves. Estimating projects, timelines, and costs requires a specific set of estimating skills, and poorly constructed proposals lead to change orders, budget overruns, and unplanned downtime for the lab.

Equipment Damage Risks

Additionally, labs often have bulky, awkward equipment that is difficult to move. Lab spaces are often characterized by tight quarters which can be difficult to navigate. Scientific equipment is sensitive and high-value, and movers must often work in close proximity to busy researchers or hazardous chemicals. These are just a few of the logistical considerations that laboratory movers must take into account.

Costly Mistakes

If lab moves are uniquely complicated, they also tend to be high stakes.

Inexperienced movers often attempt to handle scientific instruments using inappropriate methods and equipment. They simply don’t know any better. But when these instruments are handled carelessly, they can be extremely expensive to recalibrate or replace.

Vetting Your Mover

Meanwhile, inaccurate estimates cause cost overruns and excessive downtime. Delays caused by inoperable equipment can be costly for the lab. And most critically, injuries sustained during the move can be serious, to say nothing of costly.

All of these challenges point to the need for carefully vetting your mover, ensuring you hire someone with the skill and experience required to handle your laboratory relocation. Indeed, upfront vetting is the best safeguard against some of the most common and costly errors.

Due diligence starts with asking good questions. For example:

  • Does your company have a dedicated lab moving team?
  • Please give me a step-by-step explanation of how you will move a biological safety cabinet, water jacketed incubator, minus 80 freezer, etc.
  • Provide a list of lab moves completed in the last month.
  • Explain any lab specific safety training your company has completed.
  • Please provide relevant bios for your proposed project manager and supervisors.

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