It’s Time for an Office Redesign.

Many companies are moving toward a more flexible layout of their office space. A modular office layout gives you a more options for cubicle designs than ever before. Some estimates put the American “cube dweller” population at 40 million. Is redesigning cubicles to a more open office layout in your future? Here are some factors to consider if you’re planning a modular layout and cubicle design.

1. Consider privacy vs. community when redesigning cubicles

Creativity is increased with employee interaction and team spirit; but some jobs require more privacy and quiet than others. Cubicles range in height from 42” to 80” tall – shoot for a panel height that offers privacy while seated but encourages inter-office communication when standing. You can also build out more private offices with higher panels.
“Studies have shown that employee happiness translates into better performance, longer persistence, and higher goal setting.”

2. Consider workflow when redesigning cubicles

How does layout impact your office productivity? Which staff should be clustered together? Who should be located closer to the copy or supply room? With thoughtful space planning you can foster collaboration between team members.

3. Consider culture and aesthetics when redesigning cubicles

What’s the image and environment you want to cultivate? If your company culture is conservative, you’ll want to set some boundaries for cubicle decorating in areas that are in the public eye. Cubicle panels are available in a wide array of fabrics, woods, and laminates, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect look for your office. Pro Tip: When choosing a cubicle style, shoot for a panel height that offers privacy while seated but encourages inter-office communication when standing.

4. Consider ergonomics when redesigning cubicles

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to your employees’ health. Most important is desk and computer height, chair adjustment, and encouraging staff to move around at least once an hour. Standing desks are increasingly popular. And even edging on work surfaces and file drawer handles can be important ergonomic choices.
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5. Technology

Consider integrating the latest wireless technology and environmental controls into desktop computers or keypads, minimizing the needs for cords and towers. Corovan’s IT Services team can help with your IT strategy, from organizing peripherals and cables to connecting your full tech infrastructure over a single weekend.

6. Leave room for employee creativity

And finally, have fun! To motivate employees and encourage creativity, why not allow some flexibility for them to decorate their own spaces? Pinterest has lots of cubicle decorating ideas, from individual table lamps to full-on themed environments. The more ownership employees have over their workspaces, the happier they are about being at work.

Bonus tip: Hire an expert

To learn about all your options, hire an expert like Corovan. Our professional space-planning consultants can help you develop an optimum office layout that meets all your requirements. Learn more »