Workplace change is inevitable. But it can be easy to manage.

It’s probably too obvious to say that the way we work has changed—not just from the last century, but the last decade as well. And it’s not just due to standup desks, open plan workspaces, and themed conference rooms.

On average, we work more each day (8.7 hours) than we sleep. Our personal space at work is declining (once 300 square feet, now on average 176), thanks to increased real estate costs, higher corporate head counts, smaller technology, and mobile tools that allow many of us to work remotely or on the road.

See the full Workplace Change Infographic » embrace changes in the workplace It’s a lot to take in, certainly. And while modern employee break rooms and cookout decks may not be the solution for every business, the need to be open to innovation is, whatever that industry and its norms are. As more employees are spending additional time at work, the workplace itself must be inviting, comfortable, and easy to work and collaborate in. It goes beyond mere aesthetics. Businesses who don’t adapt to new business processes, ideas, and opportunities could demotivate talent, fail to attract new employees, or lose market leadership. So some degree of change isn’t just inevitable—it’s indispensable. But what’s realistic, doable, and able to be embraced by your workforce?

Implementing Change in the Workplace

For vision-focused companies, an outside perspective on effective workplace change can be a valuable opportunity. An objective expert opinion can distill and bring to you a full range of ideas, best practices, and suggestions collected across many different enterprises, corporations, and institutions. You’ll get a different, more thought-provoking perspective that can also give you an edge over your competition—helping your company to be the thought leader, trailblazer, or change agent within your field.  


Your success depends on having the right facilities management partner. Work with one dedicated to making change manageable so your employees can succeed and be productive. Find out more »
  Your facilities support company is more than just a vendor when you need heavy lifting done. It can be a neutral, objective sounding board to help you make sense of trends and embrace change in the workplace more quickly.
  • Maximizing space for the addition or subtraction of large numbers of employees through attrition, hiring, acquisition, or workforce reduction
  • The best way to configure space for conference rooms, staging meeting areas, and preparing for company in-house events
  • Suggesting and setting up ergonomic or ADA-compliant furniture or workspaces for employees for their comfort and to reduce insurance claims and absenteeism
  • Recreating or adding more open or meeting space like kitchens, conversation pits, and conference rooms
  • Customizing workspaces to individual teams
  • Incorporating touchdown spaces or hot desks for mobile employees
  • Creating a rotating floor plan so different teams co-work with others for greater information sharing
  • Suggesting or planning the best ways to modernize your office
Good ideas come from everywhere. And as California’s leader in ongoing workplace change for over six decades, Corovan has been a trusted advisor to thousands of companies and organizations facing the challenges of ongoing workplace change and facilities management.