Make a first impression that lasts—with just a few tweaks.

The old adage about first impressions is still true, especially in today’s fast-paced business world, where judgments are made in a snap. You can make positive first impressions on your visitors with a smartly put-together front-desk area.

Though many offices now rely on tech-savvy digital check-ins and print-your-own visitor badges, the reception area is still the primary space for both impressing and comfortably accommodating office guests. As Margaret Heffernan argues in Inc. magazine, “Your office reception area is more revealing than you think.” You can transform your office reception area and bring it up-to-date with these five ideas.

Keep it Clean!

Part of a pleasing aesthetic is the absence of clutter. Keep your reception area as minimal as possible with filing and storage options that hide paperwork and supplies beautifully. And when you need to store inventory, furniture, or other large items, Corovan’s warehouse storage solutions make it a snap.

1. Set the Mood

Make your guests feel welcome with natural light and plants, along with colors and textures that embody your company’s brand. You can also provide a glimpse of your company culture by reconfiguring your space so that your conference room or break room is near the reception area.

2. Add High-Tech Touches

There’s no replacement for a capable and warm front-of-house presence, according to But consider a digital check-in service, such as iPad Receptionist, as an enhancement for your receptionist. Guests still appreciate having a friendly face at the front desk but will also be impressed while using technology to streamline their check-in process./p>

Also, make sure that the reception area has excellent Wi-Fi reception and post that information prominently for guests. Outlets for charging laptops and phones should be readily accessible. Guests appreciate having a touchdown space to maximize productivity.

3. Choose the Right Desk

Your reception desk will be the centerpiece of your lobby area. Here are some basic tips for making the right choice.

  • It shouldn’t be too high, which can be intimidating
  • A wide or tiered space is more visually appealing as well as functional; it gives the receptionist more flexibility in terms of multitasking
  • Make sure it complements the existing color theme or overall look of your office. For example, if you are after a minimalist look or feel, you may want to try materials like wood or concrete


Whether you opt for a few small tweaks or a complete overhaul, Corovan’s workplace change experts can assist you with updating your reception area into a space that makes a first great impression on visitors and leaves them with “office space envy.”

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4. Look Beyond the Desk

Another important consideration for your reception area is seating for your guests. Comfort, as well as the volume of your visitors, needs to be taken into account. Cushioned seating that’s easy to clean is typically best. Look at which materials will best complement the existing architecture and prioritize according to your budget.

5. Tell Your Company Story

Build brand awareness while your visitors are waiting in your lobby. Logos, graphics, and more can instill a lasting influence in a very cost-effective way. Try these simple methods to engage your guests:

  • Use an LCD monitor and a Google Chromebox to make a high-tech digital sign
  • Provide company magazines, product catalogs, or promotional flyers for visitors to read
  • Small touches, like offering bottled water with your company’s logo on them, can add to the pulled-together first impression