Here are some tips to go even greener this year on eco-friendly office furniture!

It’s not just about that good feeling we get when we respect the environment. According to research, Green office spaces can boost health and productivity levels, reduce stress, and promote an overall higher level of well-being.

It’s always recommended for businesses to assess their commitment to the environment. You probably have already taken steps in the right direction by recycling, using LED lighting, and more. Now, consider the full environmental impact that your company has, and explore new ways to minimize your carbon footprint through eco-friendly office furniture. Investing in eco-friendly furniture is a small change that can make a big impact. Plus, supporting businesses and manufacturers who share your green business leadership philosophy will widen your influence. Eco-Friendly-Office-Furniture Get started with the following eco-friendly furniture:

1. Mesa Conference Table by Friant

Sleek, sexy and sound—environmentally sound, that is. This conference table is made out of 62% recycled content and has an ultra-low VOC water-based finish. Friant, a green company, makes a commitment to crafting eco-friendly furniture, and does so with environmentally-sound processes. For example, they found a way to use 40% more fabric from each roll, resulting in less landfill waste. Get a Free Quote

2. River System by Global Furniture

Prove your green leadership to your guests the moment they arrive at your office. Not only does Global’s River System have a range of options to build configurations that fit your business, their commitment includes:
  • Completely eliminating CFCs and HCFCs from their manufacturing process to protect the ozone layer
  • Recycling more than 100 tons of fabric, which is recycled through various voluntary programs and partners
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Help keep California green with Corovan.

When it comes to sustainability, we lead by example, and partner with manufacturers who share our commitment to being as green as possible. Go Green »

3. Workstations by Evolve

You can be sustainable and stylish too. In a modern business, you’re less likely to find everyone sitting at cubicles or individual desks. Evolve Systems gives you the opportunity to build separate workspaces wherever you want, with plenty of styles. To top it off, sustainability is a high ranking factor when making decisions about the design and development of their products. Get a Free Quote

4. Echo Workstation by RSIS

In the spirit of being green, Echo Systems offers an adaptable workstation allowing you to minimize or maximize the space you use. Easily adjust to your space by reconfiguring your existing desks. This veteran-owned small business makes it a point to use recycled materials in the production. Get a Free Quote

Bonus Tips.

Other easy ways to be green when buying your office furniture include:

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