Supercharge 2018 with Our Top 10 Workplace Tips

This list of our top 10 workplace tips is a collection of the most inspiring, surprising and powerful ideas we found in 2017. From green plants and bean bag chairs to headphones and standing desks, we covered a lot of ground this year, and this is the best of the best. Enjoy!

1| Give the gift of silence

Workplace distractions cost American business more than $650 billion in lost productivity every year. The workplace solution: offer noise-canceling headphones and create separate spaces for noisy brainstorming sessions and team meetings.

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2| Embrace the touch-down space

The open office has improved creative collaboration and team-building at work, but more than half of all high-performing employees say they need private places to go when they have to focus. Give employees choice by creating flexible touch-down spaces, break rooms and meeting spaces that support different kinds of work.

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3| Zone in on employee comfort

Take a page from the home office playbook and create home-like comfort zones for your team. Here’s the most enjoyable idea on our list of top 10 workplace tips: Bring in a cozy couch, a few bean bag chairs and some ergonomic furniture to create a quiet lounge area that feels like home away from home.

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4| Cultivate a love of plants

The most surprising statistic of 2017? Simply adding a plant to your workplace could boost productivity by up to 15%! Pick up a hardy plant, set it on the office windowsill and reap the benefits of increased focus, improved job satisfaction and better air quality. It’s by far the fastest, easiest to-do item on our list of top 10 workplace tips!

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5| Make space for face-to-face meetings

Meeting clients in person is a powerful way to forge a stronger connection. Get your office ready by polishing up your reception area, creating a coffee-shop vibe and moving unused furniture and inventory into storage.

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6| Set up a seat swap

Up to 60% of your workplace conversations are with people who sit close to you! Shake up your floor plan to loosen up cliques and create new opportunities for creative collaboration. A facility support partner makes moving easy.

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7| Get a move on

A list of top 10 workplace tips wouldn’t be complete without exercise! Office design has a huge impact on activity levels at work. Encourage employees to get active by offering adjustable standing desks or clearing out a storage room to make space for a treadmill, free weights and a few yoga mats.

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8| Join the activity-based workspace movement

Studies show that creating fluid, activity-based workspaces can dramatically boost productivity – especially for top performers. This is perhaps the most challenging of our top 10 workplace tips, but it has the potential to yield the greatest results.

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9| Attract and retain new talent

Unlike the millennials who came before them, Generation Z won’t be comfortable with open, unstructured workspaces. Instead, employers need to create workspaces for Generation Z with distinct spaces that support the three different work activities that most professionals engage in each day.

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10| Turn up the tunes

Grab your iPod, turn on some tunes and watch your productivity soar. Researchers have dozens of studies that prove music boosts focus, creativity and learning. It’s another quick, easy idea that deserved a spot on our list of top 10 workplace tips.

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