Good business means staying on top of industry trends and best practices. Implementing systems for modern standards of efficiency, productivity, and employee well-being can give any company an edge over less innovative competition. Does your organization want to be at the forefront of increasing productivity and employee well-being? Here are 4 methods trending among forward-thinking companies:

1. Sit-Stand Workstations

Sitting disease is the amalgam of human symptoms that can result from spending too much time sitting, including high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems. The CDC published a recent study that shows “using a sit-stand device at work can reduce sitting time and generate other health benefits for workers.” Mayo Clinic Cardiologist Martha Grogan says, “For people who sit most of the day, their risk of a heart attack is about the same as smoking” When the health risks of smoking in the office became apparent, companies acted to protect employee health by banning the practice. Will your office be an early adapter of the newest innovation in protecting employee health? To learn more about sitting disease and how to get your office healthy with sit-stand devices, read please stand, you’ll live longer.

2. Open, Common Workspaces

The built environment affects the social environment. Experts in biology, architecture, sociology and other fields will tell you the link between space design and human behavior is strong. Business experts are no exception: Tim Parker, MSBA says, “22% improvement in overall performance was realized by all respondents [in a recent study] who incorporated the concepts important to a better-designed workspace.” Open, common, workspaces do a lot to promote employee collaboration, and therefore boost employee satisfaction and productivity.

3. Flexible Workspaces

While common workspaces are great to promote collaboration, everyone still needs some dedicated space to keep files and personal belongings. That’s why the workspace of the future is a flexible workspace, allowing for both personal space and easy collaboration. Innovative companies are benching workstations, as opposed to isolating workers in cubicles, or completely de-personalizing with only open tables. In this system, individual workstations are linked together and left open without dividers, giving employees the best of both worlds. Corovan can help you access a wide range of options for workstation benching.

4. Company-wide Sustainability

In 2013, on-trend companies are taking sustainability to the next level. While there’s nothing new about Green Business; customers and employees have high expectations for environmental responsibility. So, if your business isn’t making green choices across the board, consumers and talent may be tempted to go elsewhere. Corovan is an innovator in green moving services. We’d love to make your move efficient and low impact. At Corovan, we stay on top of innovations in our industry, so we can help you get ahead in yours.