It’s almost 2020. Let this top ten list of workplace change strategies inspire you.

Our favorite ideas from 2019 will keep your business moving in 2020. Reflect and renew with these proven strategies that cover everything from employee engagement and motivation to improved office spaces and workplace wellness opportunities that actually work.

1 | Serve up a Workplace Makeover

Give employees a place they’re excited to be every day. A revamped workplace will engage creativity and enhance mission buy-in. And as any great company knows, when you care about your team, they care back.

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2 | Reflect Your Office Culture

Can your workplace culture be seen and felt by employees and visitors alike? Maybe it’s time to understand what your culture looks like today, so you can make sure it’s a reflection of your values. Learn your culture’s traits—is it dynamic or stable, for example—then tag your facilities manager to revamp the office decor and layout accordingly.

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3 | Give Employees More Room

Contrary to popular belief, open floor plans don’t always lead to better collaboration. A lack of personal space often has the opposite effect. Team members miss their privacy, which in turn can lower communication and productivity. Find new ways to create space, whether it’s adding cubicles, activity-based zones, or other layouts.

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4 | Rethink Reception

You only get one chance to make a first impression, which is why everything you’re communicating about your business needs to start there. What’s the reception area saying? You want your furniture and motif to convey the professional image guests can be wowed by. If that’s not happening, maybe it’s time for a redesign.

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5 | Respect Generational Differences

Modern work culture is invested in respecting diversity, but aging often gets left out of the conversation. As workers age, their needs evolve. Some employers face complaints of age discrimination when they don’t optimize their workplace and culture to accommodate and include older employees. This is a great reason to adapt your areas and policies.

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6 | Offer Standing Desks as an Option

Office trends are a dime a dozen, but some manage to stand the test of time. Standing desks are a great example. Sales continue to rise as workers discover the fun and health benefits involved. They’re offered in many styles and price ranges, so why not offer your workers the option? It’s by offering options like these that you’ll see retention increase, along with your team’s productivity.

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7 | Plan a Safe and Sustainable Office

If you’d like your workers to feel safe in an era of uncertainty while staying eco-friendly and keeping everyone generally happy, you may feel that you’re constantly juggling demands to craft that perfect dream office. But each of these three areas matter, since employees will enjoy coming to work. The investment will be worthwhile.

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8 | Reduce Workplace Loneliness

Surrounded by coworkers, employees still demonstrate an increase in feelings of loneliness. Instead of in-person meetings, they #slack message. Instead of socializing after hours, they watch Netflix. Facilities Managers can help by spearheading volunteer projects, networking opportunities, and redesigning workspaces that foster engagement.

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9 | Replace Stress with Wellness

Occasionally we not only get sick of work but sick from work—because our workspace invites stress and tension. But there are dozens of tricks to turn any office into a wellness haven. Most are inexpensive, easy to set up, and offer immediate dividends. And many companies take “thinking outside the box” literally by arranging outdoor work areas to escape the office burnout.

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10 | Inspire Yourself to Inspire Others

Sometimes workers fear what the future holds for their jobs. A great manager shows they care not just through physical workplace changes but also by inspiring their team. A few encouraging words go a long way. Dunder Mifflin leader Michael Scott gives this comforting advice: “People will never be replaced by machines. In the end, life and business are about human connections. And computers are about trying to murder you in a lake.”

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