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Facilities Management Trends

What facilities managers need to know Workplace modernization and technology advances change the facilities management landscape every day. Adept Facilities Managers have to constantly rethink how they balance both their responsibilities, the workspaces they manage, and evolving facilities management trends. As California’s leading commercial mover and workplace change expert, we stay on the pulse of […]
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Eco-Friendly Furniture Options for your Office

Here are some tips to go even greener this year on eco-friendly office furniture!It’s not just about that good feeling we get when we respect the environment. According to research, Green office spaces can boost health and productivity levels, reduce stress, and promote an overall higher level of well-being. It’s always recommended for businesses to […]
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Has your business move been under bid?

Has your business move been under bid?Selecting a moving company based solely on the lowest price can have many undesired repercussions. Before you put your business move at risk, please consider the following: Q: What do I have to be concerned about with my business move? A: Since the hourly rates of most business movers […]
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How Green is Your Company? (Questionnaire)

Are you a “green” company? Green businesses adopt policies and practices that help the environment as well as their bottom line. By adopting more environmentally-friendly practices, your company can save money and reduce your environmental impact and even improve your reputation with your industry. You may not be on Newsweek’s World’s Greenest Companies List, but […]
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Office Moving Checklist for Your Next Business Move

Your Office Moving Checklist Preparing to move an office or business can be a lot more complicated than moving a household. Preparing is key and ensuring that everything on your list is complete, is essential. Use this quick office moving checklist as a guide to keeping your move on track. Here are some things to […]
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What Makes a Great Move

Planning becomes easier if you know what makes a great move. Great moves don’t just happen. They are carefully orchestrated so everyone understands their roles and the overall process. Successful moves actually start with the end results in mind. What needs to be moved first? What are the priorities and timing? How will things be […]
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Pre-Move Planning: Protect Your Confidential Information

Protect Your Confidential Information Before The Move Income tax returns, CPA reports Investment trade confirmations Legal records Retirement and pension records Annual financial statements and books of account Corporate documents (incorporation, charter, by-laws, etc.) Stock records Retirement and pension records Licenses, patents, and trademarks and registration packets Investment trade confirmations Documents substantiating fixed asset additions […]
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Pre-Move Purges – Avoid the Danger, Enjoy the Perks

When some people think about the risks involved in moving, they usually think of damaged furniture and equipment. Period. But this is only scratching the surface. The unseen risk of moving a business is far more substantial and dangerous – exposure of confidential and private information. Every organization has information it is either required to […]
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Three Things You Can Do to Make a Greener Move

Wastes from an office move includes paper, obsolete furniture and equipment. Here are three things you can do to reduce the environmental impact of your move. Pre-Move Purge and Recycling CampaignMoving is a great time to clean house. A week or so before the move we suggest distributing shredding bins to collect obsolete documents. With […]
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Plan Greener Moves

With Corovan and The Recycling Network(IRN). Together, we’ll give your surplus to those in need. Surplus is an issue for every organization. IRN and Corovan offer a solution. Since 2002, IRN has been partnering with U.S. and international relief organizations to match U.S. surplus assets with the needs of relief and development projects around the […]
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