When some people think about the risks involved in moving, they usually think of damaged furniture and equipment. Period. But this is only scratching the surface. The unseen risk of moving a business is far more substantial and dangerous – exposure of confidential and private information. Every organization has information it is either required to keep confidential, like HR files, or that would be damaging if it were found by a competitor or a client. Firms tend to protect this information well in the course of regular business – locked file cabinets, secure data rooms, restricted access areas, etc… – but when they move, these protections are compromised and the value and risk is exposed. The reasonable care that is required by a whole host of laws, HIPAA, FACTA, SOX, state and federal legislation, does not include exceptions for the “hectic Friday” before a move, or “avoiding overtime shortcuts.”

For this reason, firms need to use special caution when planning, packing, and preparing for an office move. But there is a silver lining…. A less costly, more secure move!

Since you already have to handle the information in order to relocate, moving offers us a great time clean house and conduct a pre-move purge campaign. IF DONE RIGHT, you will end up: a) Having a far better organized move as each user will be packing only those materials necessary for their position going forward, and not the clutter from the past. b) A less costly move since there is less volume being handled by the mover. c) Facilitating great training for your people in regards to the safe handling of information, reducing opportunities for breaches long after the move. Confidential and private information must be disposed of in a safe manner, so as to avoid exposure. Neither a dumpster nor a recycling process includes destruction of the documents. Shredding does however include recycling, helping the planet and your firm. Corovan can provide 64 Gallon rolling and lockable bins prior to the move, swap them out as needed, and safely dispose of the materials via its NAID Certified sister company, Corodata. To add secure shredding and all the advantages to you next move – email info@corovan.com today or contact your sales rep.