Wastes from an office move includes paper, obsolete furniture and equipment. Here are three things you can do to reduce the environmental impact of your move.

  • Pre-Move Purge and Recycling Campaign Moving is a great time to clean house. A week or so before the move we suggest distributing shredding bins to collect obsolete documents. With this approach you will accomplish two very important things. First, you will protect your business by destroying confidential information and second your paper will be recycled instead of taken to the dump.
  • Plastic Crates Instead of Traditional Cartons Ask your mover about using reusable plastic moving crates. They are a great alternative to cardboard cartons.
  • Avoid the landfill Moving often means leaving behind a lot of debris including unwanted furniture and equipment. There are many preferred options to taking things to the landfill, including recycling and charitable reuse. As qualified movers, we should be able to help you do the right thing.