Be more profitable with face-to-face interactions between your brand and customers.

Let’s face it: Screens are great, and thanks to technology, most of us can keep in touch with co-workers and clients with online tools anytime day or night. But sometimes, a personal interaction can be even more meaningful—with clients, prospects, and employees. If you’ve got empty or unused space, you’re in luck. There’s value to having an office in real life. According to the Wall Street Journal, “In-person meetings let attendees develop transparency and trust in ways that are not possible with other forms of communication.” In-person meetings can be a fun and helpful experience, for both employees and customers alike. Not only will your clients and co-workers love spending time in your office, it can set your business apart from the faceless competition. Plus, you can hear first-hand how you’re doing. Your local space is a great opportunity to catch up with your customers or prospects. And we’ve got some great ideas on how to make that happen.

1. Clean up your office space.

If you’re thinking of opening your doors to customers, think about how your office looks to outside eyes. Your space is about to represent your company, so clear out the clutter, re-arrange desks to make it more open and friendly, and make sure you have plenty of guest seating for a designated in-person meetings place. Use Corovan’s warehouse storage for short-term or long-term storage for your goods and inventory.

2. Hold trainings for new employees.

Bring people into the office for team collaboration experiences. This is a good time to create touch-down spaces so contractors can feel welcome to come to the office and interact in person. Add flexible desks with USB ports and extra monitors so employees can easily plug in.

3. Bring café society into your office.

Create a coffee-shop style workspace where customers and employees can relax while they plug in. Make sure there are plenty of seating options, hot and cold beverages, and snacks. Then invite customers or out-of-office employees to grab a refreshment right in the office.

4. Trend Alert! Rethink your reception area as a customer area.

We’ve noticed that many companies have started offering their customers in-person office hours. A great place to meet up is your re-thought office reception area. Reception is your first impression to your customers and employees alike, so make it a good one. Update the space with modern furniture, extra seating, plants, and fresh paint to create an inviting atmosphere.

5. Go outside.

If you have access to an outdoor area, make it a workable space. Add café style tables or picnic benches for more casual encounters with customers. And set up a staging area for catered lunches for employees that doubles as a warm weather meeting place. Here are more summer workplace change ideas.  

Work smarter with better workspaces

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