People are at the epicenter of this year’s workplace trends.

According to a study of HR professionals, 83% of HR professionals felt the “employee experience” is either important or very important to an organization’s success.

An office birthday party where trail mix and fresh fruit are served. A yoga room that gives staff a mindful break. And reconfigured workspaces that allow employees from the same team to work together on projects. Welcome to the future. Or at least to some of the employee-focused workplace trends predicted for 2017. This year, clearer than ever before, job seekers and employees have more leverage. In fact, a study of HR professionals revealed that 83% felt the “employee experience” – training, improving the workplace, and rewards—is either important or very important to an organization’s success. Are you ready to embrace these workplace trends? With 2017 well on its way, we’re here to provide some ideas on how to re-think your office to better recruit, train, and retain top talent. It’s not as hard as you think.

Workplace Trendspotting Guide

Here, some of the workplace trends to keep in mind—and how you can easily integrate them into your office:

Create a healthy work environment.

Think about transforming an empty office into a yoga room, hold walking meetings, subsidize employee gym memberships, provide ergonomic cubicles and tips, or add a plant or two. Active workplaces show a commitment to employee well-being, which is key for recruitment and retention.

Meet Generation Z.

The post-millennial generation has entered the workforce. This group is tech-savvy, never knew a world without the internet, loves social media, and is team-oriented. Think about incorporating their skills in a workplace with a collaborative focus.

Focus on team performance.

Team-focused Gen Z and millennials have led to a spotlight on team over individual performance. According to Forbes, three-fourths of the younger generations reported working better in a group. This may mean re-thinking your office space so it’s conducive to team work.

Integrate a blended workforce.

The gig economy is upon us. Most offices now hire a “blend” of both full-time employees and freelancers who are expected to work together. Key to success: Ensuring communication with remote workers is state-of-the-art, such as creating “touch down spaces” that encouraging freelancers to come into the office.

Swap seats, open minds.

Did you know that 40% to 60% of all workplace interactions are with people sitting near you? You can risk falling into a rut. Shake things up with a seat swap. New neighbors can inspire new ideas, create collaboration across teams, and bring esprit de corps at nominal expense.

Consider a workplace change partner.

Corovan can help your office evolve. Whether its warehouse storage or re-arranging, moving, or adding desks for a team-centered focus, we can help.