This isn’t your usual rundown of apps, hacks and oversimplified workplace productivity tools that will clutter up your desktop and your phone, not to mention your head.

15 Workplace Productivity Tools (and why you’ll really use them)

Here are 15 practical, doable and effective tools for improving employee productivity in a fun and easy way. Some of them even require not working!

1. A mother-in-law’s tongue.

Studies show plants can improve productivity by up to 15%, making plants one of the easiest and most effective workplace productivity tools on this list. We recommend the mother-in-law’s tongue, or “snakeplant”, which is almost impossible to kill.

2. A productive space.

Your daily workspace is a critical productivity tool. According to a Gensler workplace survey, ninety percent of office workers say workplace design has a direct impact on their performance. Take some time to consider a fresh design that will support peak performance, and connect with a workplace support partner who can make your ideal space a reality.

3. A written plan to create a more productive office layout.

This valuable tool takes time to pull together, but once in hand, it will offer benefits unlike any other. Get started with a productive office layout essentials checklist.

4. A microfiber cloth and a squirt bottle.

Studies show that a clean office can increase productivity by up to 5%. Your mother was right.

5. A modern employee breakroom.

A rusty old fridge and grungy microwave are really depressing. Increase productivity, boost morale and improve your corporate culture with a “destination” break room. No space? Design your own custom room dividers for a quick fix!

6. A yoga mat.

Studies have long shown that even a short 20-minute break spent stretching and breathing can boost attention productivity and wellness, and even reduce absenteeism.

7. A comfy chair.

Ergonomic chairs are the cornerstone of a healthy, productive workspace, and they can save a bundle in absenteeism and healthcare costs.

8. A water bottle.

Fizzy or flat, flavored or not, it’s been proven that guzzling water makes you more productive. Add in a walk to the water cooler and a chat with colleagues to get a well-deserved mental break, too!

9. A Pomodoro Timer.

When it comes to workplace productivity tools, a simple desktop is among the most effective. Set to ding every 25 minutes, it will help you stay focused and take regular breaks, key components of the famed Pomodoro technique.

10. Coffee!

A hot cup of joe offers a jolt of caffeine, and encouraging staff to take meaningful breaks does even more to boost productivity. Consider creating a coffee shop atmosphere in your workspace.

11. A treadmill. And a few basic free weights.

Think there’s no space for a gym in the office? Think again! Clear out your storage space to make room for basic fitness equipment, and watch your productivity soar.

12. A Playlist.

Decades of research shows that music is among the most powerful workplace productivity tools. All you have to do is press play!

13. A zafu.

This small, round cushion is a place for you to sit while you meditate. Researchers have found that workers trained in mindfulness-based meditation are happier and more focused, leading to higher productivity.

14. Deep Work, by Cal Newport

A tool unlike any other, this book has the power to free you from distraction and overwork, making you infinitely more productive in all areas of your life. His blog is good, too.

15. A little bit of gratitude.

Our second mental tool: Robert Emmons, the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude, says considerable research demonstrates that grateful people are more likely to take on extra work, mentor colleagues, and encourage others – a happy way to boost productivity!

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