We can’t quite believe it, but summer is just around the corner. It’s the season when studies show worker productivity takes a nosedive—when more people are out of the office on vacation, and those left behind wish they were taking time off. It’s a perfect time to start planning for a summer workplace change–such as an office reconfiguration, or even relocation. And we’ve got ideas to get you going. Plus, bonus tips to keep employees engaged over the warmer months. Everybody wins.

Summer Workplace Change Tip #1: Bring an outdoor feel to the workplace.

With the summer months comes warmer weather, and a perfect time to create a sense of the outdoors, right inside your office. The most obvious thing to do: Open the windows, and let in some fresh air. For your summer workplace change, consider changing out the window treatments for lighter fabrics or solar shades to allow in more natural light. If the artificial lighting is a little much, replace glaring overhead florescent fixtures (or turn them off), and give the office a new look with some lighter paint colors. If you have some actual outdoor space, set up a touchdown space there to encourage casual meetings, or quite time, al fresco.

Summer Workplace Change Tip #2: Encourage employees to get active.

Longer, lighter days can help to jump-start a healthier lifestyle. This summer, inspire your staff to get moving: Schedule group walks or kickball games at lunch time, set aside a yoga space in the office, or start company-wide planking breaks. It’s a great time to consider adjustable standing desks, re-configuring conference rooms for more standing meetings, and consider handing out mobile headsets to encourage walking while working.

Summer Workplace Change Tip #3: Ask for feedback.

Before you embark your summer workplace change, find out more. You won’t really know what your employees want unless you ask. Hand out a workplace questionnaire to find out how the staff members prefer to work – a casual lounge area, a quiet space, or with a standing desk? Make sure the changes you’re planning are perceived as beneficial to people who have to live with them. It’s also helpful when considering orders of equipment or office redesign. Plus, it will make employees really feel heard.

Get Moving:

Small changes around the office can improve employee productivity and happiness this summer. Are you ready for change? Get a free estimate for your workplace reconfiguration or relocation >>

Summer Workplace Change Tip #4: Downsize your office furniture.

It’s much easier to re-think your office space once you have a blank slate. Donate outdated furnishings, unused desks, and extra chains. When possible, recycle or repurpose furniture that’s no longer in use, and go ahead and toss anything broken. Get everyone involved in clearing out unnecessary clutter on individual desks and common spaces. Trust us, even if it’s just an office re-org, it will feel like a brand-new place.

Summer Workplace Change Tip #5: Hold a pre-move planning session.

Even when the end result is exciting, the move or summer workplace change itself can be disruptive. Hold a planning meeting in advance to game out your strategy. Pick a time to pack up and move that will be the least unsettling to employees during regular work hours (say the weekend or at night). Suggest in-house employees work from home if there’s no way around a day move. Put together a moving or workplace change checklist to make sure the office change is organized and timely. To get you started, here’s your free office moving checklist >>