We don’t just handle the boxes, crates and furniture. We disconnect, move, and reconnect the computers too.

Imagine it’s Monday morning. It’s the first day at your new location, and there’s a problem: no one can access their email. It’s like you are not even open for business. Corovan’s commercial moving tech services team will get you up and running faster. We allow you to focus your limited IT resources on your most critical needs. We partner with your IT team to disconnect, move and reconnect your computers, printers, servers and other essential equipment, quickly, expertly and worry-free. So, on the first day in your new office, you’re in business. Your email is working. The printers are humming. Customers are happy, and employees are productive. Rather than taking on the entire moving process yourself, or hiring an additional third party, ask us about our IT relocation services, trusted by some of the most technologically demanding businesses in the Silicon Valley. Count on us to simplify your relocation process with tech services:
  • We provide upfront IT relocation planning to help you get organized
  • We professionally supervise every aspect of your IT relocation
  • With our technicians already onsite, we can complete a highly detailed inventory so you can keep track of computers, printers and important technology assets
  • We deploy specialized teams and use highly refined processes to disconnect, reconnect and test desktop workstations, computers, and other equipment quickly and accurately
  • Corovan offers the most experienced team in the business. From printers to scanners and servers, every piece of equipment is handled safely and efficiently.

What Our Customers Say…

I wanted to thank Corovan and the great staff supporting…for such a fantastic year. With almost 20,000 moves competed, which is unprecedented in today’s economic times, I feel very fortunate to be working with all of you in this very dynamic company. With your efforts we have completed thousands of successful moves over the years with minimal problems which shows the dedication of this team. I have to say all of you have stepped up to the plate working countless hours in a hectic environment with very little recognition. So, today I am personally thanking you all for an awesome job you have done…” – Silicon Valley Software Company