If your workplace new year resolution is to reduce employee stress in the workplace and improve wellness, check out these tips!

Employee stress in the workplace is a very common problem. It can cause strained relationships at the office and at home, it can harm your health, and it can negatively affect productivity at work. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent, or at least minimize, the harmful effects of employee stress in the workplace.

1. Encourage Movement

Movement is key to reducing employee stress in the workplace. It’s important to get up and move around about every hour of work. Whether you decide to walk over to a co-worker’s office to have a quick chat or refill your cup of tea or coffee, just getting up and moving your legs is important for maintaining stimulation and preventing mental blocks in productivity.

2. Create an engaging break room atmosphere

Breaks are vital to employees being able to stay focused and free of stress in the workplace. Unfortunately, because we are in the handheld device age, a lot of employees will utilize their breaks to play on their smartphones; especially if there aren’t other things to do. The least beneficial thing to do for a break after looking at a computer screen for hours is to just stare at another screen! That’s why it’s important for your break room to act as one of the key drivers in improving corporate culture, morale, and productivity.

3. Organize activities for employees outside of the office

According to Justworks, this can be a very helpful tactic to reduce employee stress in the workplace. It allows everybody to get to know each other a little better in an environment that doesn’t revolve around work. This will allow employees to learn about their co-worker’s hobbies, interests, and passions which in turn builds stronger relationships. Some good ideas for office getaways include bowling, attending sporting events, and arranging different food trucks to come by at lunch time based on various occasions.

4. Pet-friendly office

This will probably be a long-shot for some of the companies with more traditional and formal work environments, but according to a Forbes article, science has proved that pets have a proven impact on reducing employee stress in the workplace and maximizing employee wellness. Allowing your employees to bring their dogs into the office is a sure way to putting a smile on employees’ faces throughout the work day.

5. Don’t overdo it with caffeine

A lot of people are hooked on caffeine. Especially in the morning hours. Some can’t even function without it! While this is fine, make sure that you’re not taking in too much, especially if you don’t feel you need it. Why? According to a recent Forbes article, caffeine is a proven anxiety booster. So, if you’re already having a stressful day at work, don’t make it even worse by amplifying it with copious amounts of caffeine!

6. Personalize the office space

For employees to feel comfortable and in turn feel less stressed, it helps to make the office space as homey as possible. Try and minimize the number of blaring fluorescent lights and see if you can get some peaceful natural light flowing through the office space. Furthermore, it is helpful to allow employees to decorate and personalize their cubicle or office space in whichever way they want, allowing them to feel more comfortable in an otherwise dull office space. If you feel the entire office needs a makeover, reach out to us! We’d be happy to help.

7. Encourage wellness in the workplace

Movement and activity can’t be emphasized enough when it comes to reducing employee stress in the workplace. If your company culture suits it, reconsider your office space and assign a space for workout or meditation. Encourage group walks during breaks or volunteer walks for a great cause. Offer your employees ergonomic assessments and ergonomic furniture to ensure comfort throughout the day.

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