Four most common workplace types

Take a moment and look around your office. Is it open and lively? Closed and quiet? Do you notice natural light? What about a break room that beckons? You may not realize this on a day-to-day, but your office layout can speak volumes about your corporate culture—to clients, prospective talent, and anyone else who walks through your front doors.

These four most common workplace (personality) types can help you understand how people may perceive your business, or identify what type of business you want to be.

The throw-back.

This workplace hasn’t updated their office layout in quite some time. Think about it, what may dated furniture say about business operations or your technology? No need to take it all on at once. But maybe it’s time to rethink mixing in some new with the old. Start with eco-friendly furniture or a conference room update or sprucing up the reception area. Every little bit makes a difference. And trust us, your clients will take note.

The innovator.

No theory is too radical for your business to give a try. Open seating? Check. Wireless desks? Check. Espresso bar, Segway scooters, why not? Keeping your hard-working employees engaged and happy is this workplace’s top priority. Think you want to add a living wall, increase the natural light, or add eco-friendly furniture? Sounds good. In fact, your creative office layout may be key to inspiring your employees.

The team player.

Your workplace is a blend of in-house employees, contractors, and teams who need to easily work together. You’ve set up a flexible office layout, including clustered desks for employee collaboration, and standing desks for those who prefer it. Maybe you need a video conference hook-up, more open space, or touch-down spaces for contractors when they’re in house to really make it work.

The healthy balance.

There’s something for everyone in this workplace. In fact, a recent successful office layout redesign by Digital Ocean caters to both workers who prefer quiet as well as the ones who like the bustle and don’t want to be “shushed.” You can have a good mix of quiet areas as well as common work spaces and keep everybody in their optimal productivity zone. You also show your commitment to people by encouraging healthy employees. Think about transforming an empty office into a yoga room, create a space for playtime, and add a plant or two.

You’ll always be our (office) type.

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