Comfort starts with your workstation. Here are five ways to make your workstation more ergonomic.

Recent figures suggest the average office employee spends seventy-five percent of the day in their dedicated workspace. That’s a lot of time! You deserve to be comfortable in your workspace.

Ergonomic comfort prevents repetitive use injuries, and allows you to get work done without being distracted by the body aches traditional workspace set-ups often produce. Here are five ways you can treat yourself to a more comfortable workspace:

1. Ergonomic Chair

The chair is where you spend most of your workday – it should be your castle! Here are some guidelines for desired features an ergonomic chair should have:

“The average office employee spends 75% of the day in their dedicated workspace.”
  • A back rest with lumbar support: This means the back of the chair should have an S or Z shape, rather than a straight back, and should make contact with your lumbar area when you’re sitting in it.
  • Arm rests that can support both forearms while you perform computer tasks
  • A cushioned seat with rounded edges that does not press against the back of your knees or put too much pressure on the back of your thighs

2. Ergonomic Key Board

Your hands and wrists are important not just for typing, but for waving hello and opening presents! You want to keep them healthy and mobile. Here are some things to look for in a keyboard that will take great care of your joints and digits:

  • Split design that allows for natural alignment
  • Flat or downward slope (most standard keyboards slope up)

You can also make any keyboard more ergonomic just by changing the way you use it. Things to try:

  • Put your keyboard on a keyboard tray that lets your elbows be at a 90º or greater angle when typing
  • Set your keyboard up so that your wrists and hands do not rest on any sharp edges

3. Ergonomic Monitor Position

You know that tightness in your shoulders that never seems to go away? It could be fixed with ergonomic monitor position! When we look down at a computer screen for long periods of time with a slightly bent neck, it tires our eyes and builds muscle tension. Here are some tips for better eye and neck comfort:

  • Use a multi-directional adjustable monitor stand to position your monitor where you can see it while looking straight ahead
  • Make sure you can read standard-size fonts while at least an arms-length away from the screen
  • Use a screen shield to protect your eyes from glare

4. Ergonomic Desk

There’s nothing more irritating than banging your knees on a desk that is too short, or having to contort to reach for a far-away drawer on a desk that is too big. Here are some features of ergonomically sound desks:

Expert Tip

If your feet don’t reach the ground when your chair is at the proper height for the desk, invest in an angled footrest!

  • Desktop height is sufficient that you can easily move in and out of the knee-cubby without squeezing or banging into the keyboard tray.
  • Frequently used drawers are easily operable and reachable without bending or overextension.
  • You should be able to sit comfortably at the desk, feet flat on the ground,* knees bent at 90 degrees, and hands at the waist while being able to work on the computer.

5. Ergonomic Pens

Even in the digital age, a lot of us still take meeting notes the old fashioned way, with a pen and paper. Here are some ideas for pens that won’t make your hand cramp up when scrawling reminders on sticky notes: When shopping for an ergonomic pen, look for designs that allow you to write with a relaxed hand, like these from Penagain. And many ergonomic pen styles feature a larger barrel diameter or contoured shape.

In combination, these five ergonomic changes will have you working in comfort. This diagram on workstation variables can come in handy as you update your space:

Corovan will help you get the maximum comfort you deserve

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