Are you a “green” company? Green businesses adopt policies and practices that help the environment as well as their bottom line. By adopting more environmentally-friendly practices, your company can save money and reduce your environmental impact and even improve your reputation with your industry.

You may not be on Newsweek’s World’s Greenest Companies List, but there is probably a lot that you are already doing to take your business into a more sustainable direction. At Corovan, we’ve made several changes to adopt more environmentally friendly business practices. Although there are several ways to “green” your business, there are a few common steps that most companies take when they start to evaluate the environmental impact of their business. Take our questionnaire and find out where you’re working green and where you can make improvements.

Do you have a recycling and reuse program in place?

The average American office disposes of 100 to 200 pounds of paper per year – and without a recycling program, this poundage goes to waste. Recycling paper is a first step, but there’s a lot more you can do in your office to encourage recycling and reuse. Paper and plastics can both be recycled, and you can reuse containers and storage items by opting for plastic versions instead of standard boxes. For example, if you’re moving offices traditional cardboard cartons cause a lot of waste. Opt for plastic crates that can be reused – but don’t stop there. Excess office supplies and equipment can be donated to charitable organizationsto encourage reuse and help out those in need.

Do you have an office wide policy for electricity management?

Lights, computers and other electronic equipment can eat up a lot of wattage even when they are aren’t in direct use. According to the Energy Star program, Monitoring electricity management should be the responsibility of everyone on your staff. Establish a policy that reminds employees to turn off unused electronics or put them in sleep mode, if applicable. According to the Energy Star program, the sleep setting on a computer can help save 300 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions – per year, per machine.

Do you use energy efficient lighting?

Turning off lights isn’t your only option for saving energy. With energy efficient light bulbs, you can save on energy (and lighting costs) even when the lights are on. Compact fluorescent (CFL) and LED lights both use less energy when they are on, and can be used in most standard fixtures. Their initial purchase price is a bit higher than standard bulbs, but you can save hundreds in lighting costs over time.

Do you make purchases from environmentally responsible companies?

Buying recycled materials will not only help reduce your environmental footprint, but it will help other “green” companies stay in business too. Most common office supplies and equipment are available in recycled or environmentally friendly versions, but the most common are: Post-consumer recycled paper products. Remanufactured ink and laser toner. Office appliances (look for those rated through the Energy Star program

Do you use energy efficient vehicles and fueling options?

If your business is involved in the delivery or transport of products, your vehicle usage can be a big factor in your environmental impact. Replacing your vehicles with energy-efficient models when you can will help you reduce your carbon emissions. Your company may also be eligible for tax credits based on your purchase of energy efficient vehicles. If you can’t make the switch yet, look into cleaner burning fuel solutions for your company fleet.
How does your business rate on the green scale? With this questionnaire you’ll know where to focus on making improvements. And when you work with Corovan, you can be sure you’re working with a company that places the same emphasis on “going green.” Learn more about our company wide environmental policy.