It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but your stress level couldn’t be higher. Moving is always a challenge, and the added pressure of the holiday season is enough to make anyone wish for another cup of eggnog. From planning considerations to building requirements and moving company shortages, it is important to know exactly how your business can prepare for a holiday season move, whether your move is extensive or more simple. Corovan is always here to make moving easy for our clients, and we are excited to assist you this holiday season. Through numerous holiday moves, we want to share 4 tips and how to avoid moving headache.

Planning Considerations for the Holidays

Planning ahead is always necessary for any corporate move, but during this holiday season, planning a lot farther in advance is essential. In preparation for making your moving arrangements, it is best to compile a general list of all the things you will need to have moved, as well as by when you will need to have your move completed. With these considerations in mind, your company will be able to develop a realistic budget for the holiday move. By understanding your company’s needs ahead of time, you can easily communicate expectations and constraints to your contracted moving company so that they can make arrangements to meet those expectations and make your moving experience as efficient and easy as possible.

Building Requirements

It is important to check on your building’s holiday hours, safety requirements, and moving instructions. Whether your company is moving into a new building or moving equipment into another building, it is important to also check the building’s holiday hours and policies. Usually, a building’s management will require you to turn in appropriate paperwork in order to begin the move into your new office space or require paperwork to authorize the moving crew to access your space for the move. Aside from holiday hours and building moving requirements, it is also a good idea to relay the floorplan or any building accommodations to your moving crew so that they can prepare special equipment in advance to ensure a smooth moving process. Knowing all of this information ahead of time will allow you to complete the necessary steps before your move and create guidelines for your moving company to follow before, during, and after the move.

Shortage of Movers

Request your move services further in advance. Many companies are looking for move help in December and around the holidays. The offices are slower and many people are off anyway on vacation. That means your movers are busy. Get your orders in early to be sure to reserve your manpower.

A Hassle-Free Moving Process

During the hectic holiday season, leave the work to a qualified moving company. At Corovan, we have an excellent crew to execute and manage your move so that you are left with no surprises. Our experienced and well-trained management team will communicate with your company to determine its needs, goals, budgets, and options for the holiday move and make sure that even your highest expectations are met! We have experience handling moves for companies of various sizes across different industries and have all the resources to handle your move seamlessly. When the move is complete, we will notify you and send you an invoice so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Corovan is here to help

At Corovan, we have been helping offices with corporate moves for 70 years. We pride ourselves on being the largest and best moving company in the western United States. We want to help your company move during the holiday season! Take the first step and schedule your corporate move with Corovan today. Learn More>>> Read what our satisfied customers have to say about Corovan and see how we can help your company’s holiday move.
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