It’s the end of the year. The office is busy, busy, busy. Sales teams are wrapping up their Q4 goals, fulfillment is shipping out holiday orders, your accounting department is in overdrive—and half the team has holiday travel plans. Here are 5 ways that your business can benefit from warehouse storage during the holidays (and throughout the New Year!)

1. The First Step to Growing Your Business

Do you have boxes of inventory, and need more production space? Warehouse Storage gives you access to your inventory when your business needs it, and frees-up your office space so that you can work in a more productive environment. It allows you to focus on your business, and gives you room to expand.

2. Holiday Helper

Need business storage for all of your office holiday decorations, party games, and furniture? Warehouse storage allows you to order your décor in advance, without overcrowding your office, and gives you a convenient space to store it all for the company party next year.

Facilities Support—even for the holidays

Corovan can help you transform your office into the perfect party venue, and we will store all the holiday furniture and decorations, too! Make room for your holiday party.

3. Take Control of Your Renovation or Relocation

We’ve highlighted why and when you should move your business before, but the real question is, how do you handle the day-to-day demands of work and balance it with completing your renovation or relocation? In order to clear a path for yourself at work, you need to literally clear out your office. Is there extra inventory, too much furniture for your new space, or do you need a place to temporarily store stuff while you make your move? Business storage is a valuable solution that makes it easier to renovate your office and focus at work.

4. Improve Installation

Preparing for a new art, hotel, or hospital installation? Keep critical systems running while making improvements to your location with warehouse storage. Consider storing anything from artwork for your next show to extra furniture for your remodel, so that your customers aren’t impacted by your installation and still receive quality customer service from your business.

5. Maximize Your Fulfillment

Mailing out inventory to different parts of the country? Choose to house your inventory in different warehouse storage locations nearest your client base and cut-down on the cost of shipping and overhead for your business. This reduces time, money, and is a great way to improve customer service.
We know that the holidays are the busiest times for businesses. Take a load off by using the benefits of warehouse storage. As an added benefit, you only pay for the space that you use, making warehouse storage a cost-effective solution for your office. So, whether you’re trying to grow your business, need space for extra inventory, are looking to maximize your fulfillment, or just need a space for all of your party supplies, Corovan can make wrapping up the end of your year less stressful and easier to manage.