It’s that time of year again: it smells like pumpkin spice and everything nice. Which means that it’s time to party! But, how do you throw a office holiday party that will be the new gold standard of all company parties? Here’s our list of do’s and don’ts so that you don’t miss a beat, and let the good times roll.

Get the Party Started Right

Don’t wait until the last minute.

A last minute, thrown together party is almost always a recipe for disaster. Do you have enough tables to seat everyone, are there planned activities, what time is your party, do all of your employees get a +1 to the event, and don’t forget, where are you going to stash all of your supplies and furniture?

Do plan ahead.

Dreaming of awesome party decorations, new furniture, and making room for a dance floor? Your dream can come true. Order your favorite new decorations, and leave them with us in our storage facility. We can deliver furniture and materials needed for your office holiday party, set up a festive layout, help you takedown your party, and then pickup everything and leave it in our storage.


Don’t forget the music.

In the words of a wise man we know, “A corporate party without music is not a party, it’s a meeting.”

Do make a music mix.

Whether you make a Motown Mix, pick a Pandora station, or hire a DJ to take requests, music helps set the soundtrack for a festive, fun-filled evening.

Setup & Breakdown

Don’t ask your staff to help with breaking down your event.

It’s not a party if you have to work.

Do hire help.

From setup to breakdown, it’s important to have professionals like Corovan who can help and make your party planning a breeze.

Game Night

Don’t leave the entertainment up to your guests.

Nothing is worse at a party than standing by the punchbowl with nothing to do.

Do play games and foster an interactive environment.

Whether you play Shuffleboard or Taboo, there are many games that can help you connect with your fellow employees, and give your guests something fun to do.


Don’t schedule your party during a hectic time.

Are your accountants wrapping up a busy year? Do your engineers and creatives have a looming deadline? Don’t schedule the company party without checking in with several departments and seeing how much everyone has on their plate.

Do hold your party at a convenient time.

Host a company lunch or an early dinner to show your company’s appreciation so that everyone has a chance to spend time with each other without having to rush home to their families.


Don’t mistake appetizers for dinner.

If you’re scheduling a party anywhere from 5-8 p.m., assume that your guests haven’t eaten and don’t let your guests leave hungry. (Like a rainbow colored unicorn, we have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like dessert!)

Do serve a variety of food, and make sure there is something for everyone.

Remember the vegetarians, the food allergies, and picky eaters by serving a diversity of options. A mix of healthful options like salad, grilled veggies and comfort food like BBQ allows everyone to find something that they like.

Now that you’ve got what it takes to throw a stress-free, fun, and festive company party. Just remember to plan ahead, get help from the workplace change experts for setup and breakdown, provide your guests with awesome entertainment, and, most important, enjoy yourself!