In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to take the opportunity to talk about something near and dear to our hearts: minimizing the ecological impact of commercial moves. Commercial moves, like any major undertaking, have the potential to unload a huge quantity of pollution and environmental contamination in a very short amount of time. The exhaust from trucks, runoff from disturbed machinery, industrial byproducts, and more, can all take a huge toll. Most businesses haven’t considered how to keep their commercial move green-conscious ahead of time but as California’s premier commercial moving company, we’ve been putting a great deal of effort into minimizing our own environmental impact and helping our clients to do the same. Here are the green checklist on the best ways to prepare for your green-conscious commercial move:

1. Do Your Research

Before choosing to work with a particular moving company, take the time to research their practices, policies, techniques, and values. If they have systems in place to minimize their environmental impact, odds are they’ll be glad to tell you about them in advance. Bonus tip: Ask specific questions, too! What sort of fuel are their trucks using, for instance? Are they using greener options, like electric or hybrid engines, or burning biodiesel? How will they dispose of industrial runoff or other contaminants? Do they use biodegradable or sustainably sourced packing materials? Is your mover committed to reusing or recycling materials during and after the move?
Corovan can help you with your office moving and relocation needs. While we are not in the business of actual decommission, we are able to help you conduct your move in a way that will meet all appropriate requirements, regardless of what is to happen to your former premises. Learn More

2. Choose Eco-Friendly Moving Supplies

Corovan provides both cardboard boxes and plastic moving crates. Our plastic moving crates are eco-friendly and boxes are made with recycled materials and recycled after they have served their purpose.

3. Shredding

Corovan can provide shredding bins to securely destroy unwanted paper. Not only is this green-conscious it also protects sensitive documents from ending up in a garbage bin preventing theft and breach. All shredded paper is later recycled.

4. Low emission vehicles

Our energy- efficient trucks provide a 58% reduction in carbon monoxide emissions- top in the industry. Green Conscious Moving We’ve been in the commercial moving business a long time, and with so many trucks, heavy equipment, warehouses, and so on we’re proud to say that we’ve been finding clever ways to keep our operation green-friendly, and we are glad to put those practices to work for your next commercial move. Happy Earth Day!