There is no doubt COVID-19 has turned the lives of American workers upside down. And thoughts of returning to the office seem like a distant vision. When the time comes, you want to be sure your employees feel confident their health and safety is being considered Corovan has prepared three crucial steps for COVID office preparedness.

It’s never too early to identify risks and ramp up your COVID office preparedness. The following precautions can help keep workers safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

1.Reconfigure & Declutter

To encourage 6-foot social distancing rules, traditional workspace settings may need to be disassembled and reconfigured. The goal is to keep workers far enough from each other or provide a barrier that prevents the virus from being transmitted.

Panel wraps, such as Quick-Ship Panels, can be added to sit/stand desks and move up and down with the desk. This blocks exposure when one employee is sitting, and the other is standing. Moveable walls are another option that serves as a barrier between workers.

With all the reconfiguring, employers may need to remove excess furniture to free up space. Off-site storage can be used if you’re limited on space.

Corovan can reconfigure your office space to improve “Social Distancing” or install quick ship panel wraps while your employees are still working from home.

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2. Communicate Safety

When employees return to work, they will probably experience uncertainty and anxiety. Post informational signage or provide other employee communications that keep them up to speed on safety precautions, changes, and improvements the company is making towards COVID office preparedness.

Promote good hygiene by displaying posters that serve as ‘how to’ guides. And don’t forget the logistics! Make sure the workplace has appropriate personal protective equipment readily available. Hand sanitizer, face mask, and glove stations give workers an added sense of control.

Corovan can help post signage or distribute personal protective equipment, supplies, and furniture.

3. Mitigate Germ Spread

It’s still unclear how long COVID-19 can last on hard surfaces, but some indications suggest several days. Because contamination is one-way COVID-19 spreads, disinfect tables, phones, keyboards, and phones regularly.

By adding antimicrobial work surfaces to heavily used areas, such as conference tables and reception desks, you’re providing workers (and consumers) with an extra layer of protection.

Consider selling off surplus furniture or products to reduce potential COVID-19 spread. If you’re receiving a large volume of products or shipments, you may opt to have them received and warehoused off-site at storing facilities like Corovan.

Our furniture product solutions include antimicrobial work surface replacements & moveable walls.

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Although we don’t know when the shelter in place orders will be lifted and workers transition back to the office, we do know it will happen eventually. Make sure your office is COVID prepared and your workers return feeling informed, supported, and safe.

Financial Stability

The COVID-19 pandemic has become an unprecedented challenge for everyone. We are committed to doing everything necessary to meet and face this challenge in a spirit of solidarity and contribution. Trust in a stable company like Corovan that continues to provide you with the best service with over 70 years of industry experience.

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