Relocating can be one of the most challenging experiences within the life of your business. From losing valuable time in the process of packing your entire company into boxes and vans to transitioning quickly back into the day-to-day in your new space. That’s why it’s so important to partner with qualified and professional corporate mover that has the resources and experience to ensure a seamless move.

Choosing a high-quality corporate mover will save you time, frustration, and unnecessary cost, all while making sure to protect your business’s most valuable assets. Check out and check off these 7 tips to determine how ready your business is for moving day.

1. Get Proof Of Insurance

You’ll be entrusting your most valuable business assets to a crew of movers, a fleet of trucks, a secure storage facility, and so on. You’re putting your livelihood in someone else’s hands. Before you entrust something so major, ask to review general liability insurance and umbrella insurance, so you can be sure that your assets and company are covered in case of accident or emergency.

2. Look For Financial Stability

When researching corporate movers, don’t hesitate to look into their pertinent financial information. If the company itself has a history of insolvency or other financial hardships, this may be an indicator that you’d be better off taking your business elsewhere. If the company isn’t handling their own assets with care, why would you expect them to handle yours any differently?

3. Request References

Ask your mover for at least three recent move references. Call those customers and ask direct questions about their experience. Ask about things like delays, hiccoughs, unforeseen expenses, and so on, as well as overall experience.

4. Verify Credentials

If a mover claims a certain competency, certification, training, practice, or other credentials, it’s fair to expect them to provide proof. You should never take a claim at face value, least of all before signing a contract.

5. Pay Attention To Customer Reviews

Read reviews to see what others are saying about the moving companies you investigate. If previous customers had good experiences, you can generally trust those reviews and testimonials as a barometer of the sort of service you can expect. When considering reviews, be sure that the previous customers are more or less in line with the scale and scope of your own move. A moving company that provides top-notch service to Household clients or smaller commercial businesses may still be out of its league when working with larger commercial clients.

6. Tour the Facility

When deciding on a corporate mover, you and your prospective move partner should take a tour of the mover’s facilities. Watch to make sure they ask detailed questions about your move. Any good mover will make full use of a thorough facility tour, so look for signs of attention and comprehension. Specifically look for the commitment of the mover to commercial moving based on their investment in new and modern equipment and technology used specifically for commercial moving.

7. Interview The People In Charge

Call each mover and interview the manager regarding commercial experience, knowledge, and capability. The manager should have a clear picture of how the moving crew and equipment operation, and shouldn’t hesitate to share that with you before closing a contract.

There you have it! We know how important it is to protect your company’s resources, which is why moving your company is not something to take up lightly. The best corporate mover mitigate risk and reduce downtime, taking special effort to ensure your staff’s regular tasks are disrupted as little as possible. With these ten tips in mind, you can be sure you’re putting your business in good hands.

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